Home Design of the Future

By: Justtin Hoang

How my home sustains ecosystems?

If I were to choose a biome to locate my home I would make my future home in a temperate Deciduous forest biome. Outside of my home I would include many trees so that the trees can clean the carbon dioxide in my area and provide clean oxygen. Inside my home I would have a few houseplants like Feston Roses or Devil's Ivy. The reason why I would grow a Feston Rose or Devil's Ivy is because these two plants don't require that much care which is good because I would probably forget to water them and on top of that these plants act like a filter inside the house cleaning any pollution in the air.

In my garden I would grow tomatoes, peppers, various berries and peas. I would also have and orange tree. the reason why I would grow these fruits and vegetables is because instead of buying a bunch of chemicals I can control what is in my food and eat more healthy foods. I would try not to use any pesticides or fertilizers. But if I was to use any pesticides or fertilizers I would use organic ones because synthetic pesticides and fertilizers are both harmful to humans and the earth.

In my driveway I would have a hybrid car because even though hybrid cars are expensive in short term, but in long term they help reduce pollution on the earth. Hybrid cars also reduces fuel consumption and has lower gas cost.

In my home I would include a compost because it is a way of creating natural compose for my garden. Also I would have a recycling bin to recycle and plastic and paper so that it doesn't end up being in a landfill polluting the earth.

If i would sponsor a species of animals in my local zoo would sponsor polar bears. The reason why I would sponsor polar bears is because polar bear are endangered because of our pollution. Our pollution caused global warming and destroyed almost all of their habitat. So sponsoring polar bears would allow them to survive even though we put them into that situation.

Atoms, Elements, Compounds within my home

There would be many chemicals in my home that would be toxic to humans or my pets. Three of these chemicals are bleach, insecticide, and battery acid.

In bleach there is chlorine, sodium, and oxygen. Chlorine goes under a chemicals family called halogens. Due to the reason that Chlorine goes under the family called halogens Chlorine is a non-metal.

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The Characteritics of Electricity in my Home

The type of energy source I would use for my home would be solar power. The reason why I would use solar power is because solar power is a renewable energy source meaning it can reused over and over again. This choice of energy also reduces the amount pollution on earth helping future generations. Not only is it eco-friendly but it is also saves money in the long run.

There are a few physical structures that I would include to make my house more energy efficient. First thing is that I would have a few deciduous trees in the area of my house. This would allow my house to be cool in the summer but in the winter the leaves would fall because it is deciduous and that would allow sunlight to warm my house. These tree will allow me to use less electricity for heating and air conditioning. The second structure would be a skylight because not only is it amazing to look up at the stars at night but it also allows sunlight to light up certain rooms in my house instead of using electricity during the day. The third structure I would include is that I would put my solar panels facing east. The reason for this is that the sun rises from the east and sets facing west. So to maximize the efficiency of the solar panels I would make them face east.

The type of appliances that I would have in my home would be appliances that have and EnerGuide label or follow the EnergyStar program. The reason for this is because since I am building an environmentally friendly home I must also have appliances that reduce the amount of energy I use. Not only does it reduce the amount of energy used it also reduces the energy bill.

In my home I would use LED light bulbs or CFL light bulbs. The reason I would use LED or CFL light bulbs is because these light bulbs are more efficient. The reason why they are more efficient is because LED and CFL light bulbs require less energy and produce equal or more light than regular light bulbs.

From space to my home

Not everything was made for use on Earth many of the objects that we currently use were originally made for space travel. Some objects that I may have in my home that NASA invented are joystick controllers, athletic shoes, and water filters.

Joystick controllers are used for a lot of things now, including computer games and vehicles for people with disablilties. These devices evolved from research to develop a controller for the Apollo Lunar Rover, and from other NASA research onto how humans actually operate.

Athletic shoes are used for many sports.The space suit designed for the Apollo missions included specially-made boots that put a spring in astronaut's steps while providing ventilation. Athletic shoe companies have taken this technology and adopted it to construct better shoes that lessen the impact on your feet and legs.

Water filters were created when Astronauts needed a way to cleanse water they take up into space, since bacteria and sickness would be highly problematic. Water filter technology had existed since the early 1950s, but NASA wanted to know how to clean water in more extreme situations and keep it clean for longer periods of time.

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