Nicholas watson 3rd


Hemophilia a diseased caused by a inherited x linked recessive trait, with a defective gene located on the x chromosome.The symptoms for hemophilia are (excessive bleeding, swollen (painful) joints, swollen tender muscles. severe bleeding after after injures and surgery.

long term effects and treatments for hemophila

The symptoms for hemophila are tingling int eh joints,Also the age startsit most likely it starts at is 2 .With swelling is present during hemophila the first chance or time you see it when the child falls or i bruised. The trestmetns for hemophila are or is infusion. Infusion is where you infuse human plasma devised and recombiant to increase blood clotting in order for the losing or blooding to become less and it clotting to become more often.


Hemophila is rare disease but when you have its a devasting thing to know.Hemophila is a very intresting disease. Hemophila was present in Queen Victorias son and that was the fall of the russian dynasty. The hemophila disease is present on woman as a carrier and the males are more likely to have it than females.