John Stockton

Jason geurts

Life brief

John Stockton was born on March, 26 ,1962 grew up in Spokane, Washington.

His parents are clementine and jack Stockton. He was a Catholic. He went to gonzaga prep. He's married to nada Stockton and has seven kids.

Background symbolism

It symbolizes Stockton because when he was younger he never stopped practicing. It also shows he was a hard worker and committed to what he wanted to do. It represents that even tho at the start things might not work out to always keep trying. "I remember seeing Stockton out there at dark shooting away"

3 things

The three interesting things about John Stockton to me are:

*"he chose to buy a small one room apartment"

*he wanted to keep his life as private as possible

*he always gave his all at every game

I chose these because they show that if you're famous you don't need a fancy place


The reason someone wrote a biography about John Stockton is he holds the nba record for most assists ever by a large margin.


John Stockton struggled with trying to protect his family and not live his life on fame.

"Stockton didn't want to be involved with public


John Stocktons mentor/friend was Karl Malone. Malone was on the Utah Jazz with Stockton .

They grew a friendship and Karl told the media if his friend wasn't in the all star team he wouldn't play


John Stockton earned the NBA record for the most all-time assists 14,347