Villa NCEA International Update

VNA is a Sen HS - Self-Directed Independent Learning Academy

The Villa NCEA Academy (VNA) - the next step on your 'Pathway to Opportunity'

At the start of 2016 we launched Villa NCEA Academy offering an individualised educational experience that fully engages students at the most critical time in their schooling. The VNA welcomes boys and girls in Years 11-13 and follows the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) pathway. The VNA provides a level of support and teaching style that motivates students to learn and mature their thinking, preparing them for tertiary studies and beyond.

Students attend school from 1pm-5pm. This allows them the morning at home to study [Many come in at around 10.00 am]. There is also flexibility in the day structure for students to pursue their extra-curricular interests.

Curriculum and Academic Information

NCEA is the main qualification for secondary school students in New Zealand. It is recognised by employers and used for selection purposes by universities and polytechnics both in New Zealand and overseas. At the VNA students can take six subjects across NCEA Levels 1-3. Core subjects of English and Mathematics are taught by specialist teachers.

In addition, generalist teachers support students to study three or four additional subjects of their choice (chosen in consultation with the Principal) through 'Te Kura and or NetNZ, the Correspondence Schools'. 'Te Kura/NetNZ' provides distance education in a variety of subjects, with the support of teachers and learning advisors, to ensure students reach their true potential.

Location and Facilities

The VNA is co-located within Mt Hobson Middle School, at 131 Remuera Road, Newmarket, Auckland. The building is a quaint 1900s Villa that provides excellent learning spaces, including a science room, art and technology room, English and Social Studies classroom, various meeting areas and rooms set aside for quiet, individual and group learning. There is ample access to desktop computer suites and laptops and a wireless netweok provides connectivity across the facility.

Transport systems are excellent, as is access to a range of communuity activities to enrich the learning experience.

Personal Support and Guidance

Academic counselling ensures students can follow a pathway to achieve the University of Auckland rank score for their chosen course of tertiary study, therefore encouraging students to achieve NCEA at Merit and Excellent Endorsement. The approach also helps students to choose academic subjects that lead to high-quality degrees.