Personal Safety

4 ways to prevent unintentional injury

1. Knowledge and awareness- know the risks to your safety and know what actions you can take to reduce the risks of unintentional injury.

2. Ability- be realistic when judging your abilities.

3. State of Mind- be aware of your conditions and that of others around you.

EX: being tired, rushed, or stressed.

4. Environmental conditions- know the hazards around you and beware of them.

Hazards In The Home


Make sure you pick up all misplaced objects in the floor. Make sure you hold on to the hand rail coming up and down the stairs. Make sure floors are not slippery and rugs are flat.


Most poisoning occurs in the home. Make sure all hazardous substances are out of children's reach.


Do not let small children put small pieces of things in their mouths. Cut food into small pieces. Don't put things around your neck that can choke you.

Steps On How To Be Prepared for:


If caught outdoors during a tornado find the nearest shelter or lay flat in a ditch. If indoors go to your lowest floor.


Stay inside your home. Contact local authorities and don't go out on your own.


In case of flash flooding move all belongings to highest part of your house before evacuating. When you return home throw away all food touched by flood water and only drink bottled water.


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