Having Funn

Jazzy's liftime funn


Because that’s just me and I'am really good at having fun I will be the person you would want to go to your parties and things like that. I have always been the person to get groups together and have some fun.

Getting TogHther

I have always been the person to get groups together and have some fun, during the year of 2010 I decide that i wanted to go to the beach.Eeven though school was in so for the 2 weeks we had off during winter break i worked something out I gatherd 5 other people and we all went down to the beach. Everyone was so happy that I came up with the idea of going to the beach with a group of friends. my mom made it even more fun because after that we went to schlitterbhan and the had a sleepover.

Bringing To FUNn

Another time I got people together to go to six flags and it was a very good time because we all made each other laugh and we would have so much fun riding the rides and having dessert. There we had a good timed expecially making fun of peoples faces on the rides. A good laugh we had also was because when one guy came of of the swings he had a big pee spot on the bottom of his pants.

Whats Present?

I think it’s an easy but tricky topic because first there is a-lot I can right about it but then again it’s tricky because having fun can mean almost anything. For example playing basketball with friends, swimmg playing outside, having a party, having a sleepover, just talking to your friends, getting on live chat with friends etc...


life is not always about having fun its about having a good time.