America Declares War on Germany

By Connor Wiest

April 6, 1917, America joins the war.

Due to the sinking of four merchant ships, which was the last straw, America joins the war to end all wars.

American Liner gets Sunk!

This week one of America's ships with traveling citizens was sunk by German U-Boats.

British Liner gets Destroyed by Germany!

The British cruise liner merchant ship, the Lusitania, was sank by Germany. There were 1,198 passengers killed, and 128 Americans. President Wilson says that he is outraged, but Germany calls it an "unfortunate mistake." This should be enough to start the war.
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Zimmerman Note Found

A British ship intercepted a note from Germany to Mexico telling them to attack the United States from the south to weaken them so Germany could attack them. Mexico refused and this aggravated America enough to enter the war. America Declares War on Germany.