The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

By: John Boyne Caroline Holt Block 4


The book is about two boys that become friends. Bruno who is the son of a soldier meets Shmuel a Jewish boy is in a concentration camp. Bruno starts coming to the edge of the fence of the camp everyday but one day Shmuel isn't there. Bruno gets worried and finally one day Bruno puts on the striped pajamas and goes into the camp but Bruno doesn't come out. I think the story is about true friendship and that doesn't matter your religion we shouldn't judge or hurt people for what they believe. Bruno didn't care Shmuel's religion he just saw him as a boy and a friend.


Conflict and Plot

Man vs. Man

The conflict would be that Shmuel is in a concentration camp and Bruno is free.Also conflict would be when Bruno gets mistaken for a prisoner and is killed.
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I think the pajamas are an important symbol because it is what Shmuel was wearing in the whole book. Bruno put on the pajamas and went under the fence and was mistaken for a prisoner and killed. The pajamas are a symbol of friendship and loyalty that the boys shared. That is why I think it is Important .

Book Recommendation

I would recommend this book to kids my age because it shows a kids perspective of Holocaust.I like it because you had Bruno who was the son of a solider and Shmuel who was in a concentration camp. The book is a story of friendship. I liked it because it also showed that we need friends to back us up and to say we can do it. It was one of those books i didn't wan to put down and one that I will totally read again. I loved it and if you haven't already read it you should.
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There is a movie based on the book! Check out the trailer!

The Boy In the Striped Pajamas trailer

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