Smoking is NOT Beautiful

Anti-Smoking Message

Your Beautiful Don't Ruin It

The reason teens get addicted to smoking faster is because their brains haven't fully developed yet. You smoking a few cigarettes could kill you because you will get addicted to them. Your body will tell you that you need them and when you don't take them your body will tell you in a more harsh way until you take them. Your body is beautiful but by you smoking you will ruin it for everyone to see.

Don't Over Think It

Peer Pressure Isn't Right

Many teens and children smoke because of all the pressure around them. Their friends are doing it so it makes them want to do it and their friends are pressuring them into it. Don't do it you will regret it eventually. Their parents and their parents friends are smoking which makes you think that it is safe to smoke when it isn't. By kids having family members smoking when they are little and they grow up in that environment they will think its fine to do it. The media is a very big peer pressure to smoke because all the shops want you to buy them and they put it up on posters in stores where you shop. They put it in movies to let you know that if famous people do it then i should do it but, you shouldn't because will they really be that famous in 10 years after smoking. They won't look the same and might not even be able to do anything any more.