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PSSA testing at Skyview

Students will participate in PSSA testing at Skyview on the following dates:

Monday, April 15th, Tuesday, April 16th and Wednesday, April 24th - PSSA ELA testing (3 days; testing occurs in the morning beginning promptly at 8:50 a.m.)

Monday, April 29th and Tuesday April 30th - PSSA Math testing (2 days; testing occurs in the morning beginning promptly at 8:50 a.m.)

Please note the following informational items:

· Cell phones, smartphones, smart watches and other electronic devices ARE NOT permitted in the testing room. Students will be instructed to leave all such items locked in their lockers.

· Students arriving after testing has started for the day will be required to participate in make-up testing sessions. Once testing has begun, students may not enter late. If a student arrives late to school on a testing day, he/she will remain in an alternate location in the school.

· The Methacton School District has also issued a letter regarding district PSSA testing: click here

We greatly appreciate the support of our families in ensuring students are well rested and in attendance on testing dates. We strive to create an environment where students learn, grow and are proud to share their knowledge and accomplishments.

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Rock Your Socks Day

On Thursday, March 21, wear your most colorful, spunky socks in celebration of people with Down syndrome (DS) and the many ways that they make our world brighter. People all around the world will be celebrating with you!

Why rock your socks on 3.21? People with DS have 3 copies of the 21st chromosome, while most people have just 2 copies. Down syndrome can affect how a person looks, speaks and how he or she learns in school. Students with DS may need extra time to do their work or have helpers, but they can learn the same skills as their classmates. When you get to know people with Down syndrome, you will find that they are more like you than they are different! They play on sports teams, are artistic, play instruments and join clubs at school. They want to have fun and make new friends, just like all kids do. Thanks for participating in this worldwide celebration!

Career Day Update

Skyview's annual Career Day is Friday, March 22, 2019. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to present at this event. The committee has shared that all presenters have been contacted and the schedule is ready!
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6th Grade Families - Math Placement for Arcola

To help determine math placement at Arcola we use a variety of data points. They include 5th grade PSSA scores and the following from Grade 6: ALEKS scores, chapter tests scores, the fall benchmark, and two algebra prognosis tests that your child took in January.

The student data points are recorded into a rubric. On the Math rubric, there are 24 assigned points as each data point/category is worth 4 points. The highly advanced scores within the category earn points. For example, a test score average between 90%-93% on Chapters 1-7, will earn one out of four points. A grade 5 PSSA score of 1158 (raw score of 43) will earn one out of four points; this is already well into the advanced level. This type of rubric is designed to separate the students who are thinking at a higher level of math, not just an excellent math student at the instructional level. If your child did not take the PSSA your score is scaled appropriately.

If your child earned a 10 or higher they have demonstrated a skill set of higher-level thinking and will need to take an additional set of tests to assess what more your child knows about algebra and algebraic concepts. If your child earned enough points, you will be receiving a letter in the mail with information explaining the next steps to you. These letters will be mailed on Tuesday, March 12th.

If your child scored a nine or lower on the rubric, your child will be recommended to be assigned to a Pre-Algebra course, which is the core course at Arcola Intermediate School. The majority of students in 6th grade are assigned to Pre-Algebra, as this is the core track.

If you should have further questions or concerns about your child’s scores, please contact the Skyview Math Coordinator, Emily Otero (

Important Informational E-Mail Sent by Methacton School District 3/7/19

Dear Methacton Families,

We wanted to make you aware of an online hoax directed at children and young adults called the “Momo Challenge”, which has generated publicity and discussion across country. The “challenge” has recently resurfaced on social media including Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and YouTube Kids. It encourages kids to perform dangerous tasks that put their safety at risk.

We encourage parents and guardians to monitor your child’s online activity. Even if your child is not on social media, they could learn about this disturbing internet challenge through conversations with their classmates.

Click here to read: What parents need to know about MOMO

It’s a guide from the National Online Safety eLearning Hub to raise awareness about the issue and offers advice that may help parents talk to their children about making safer decisions online.

MSD Administration

Parents of Students Receiving Title I Services

Information about Title I services at Skyview can be found on our website: click here

Check out reading comprehension resources to help your child with reading at home: click here

March Events

Wednesday 3/13 - Spring Picture Day

Wednesday 3/20 - String Jamboree

Thursday, 3/21 - Rock Your Socks Day

Friday, 3/22 - Career Day

Wednesday, 3/27 - Art Show 6 - 8 p.m.