Hate List

Comparing Greek Myths to Modern Literature.

Hate List plot

Valerie, also known as Val, and her boyfriend, Nick, go to school at Garvin High School. They had a notebook that they would write the names of people they don't like. They called this the "Hate List". One day, Nick brought a gun into the school and started to shoot in the school, aiming for the people on the hate list. Valerie was one of the people shot and in the end Nick turned his gun on himself. Everyone thought Valerie was in on it with Nick and it was a double suicide. Months later, she returns to the same high school for her senior year. She has to deal with family troubles, friend troubles and the gossip about her and the shooting as well as school.

Connection 1

In life, everyone must deal with both internal and external strife. Everyone handles them differently. Some do not make the best decisions and may shoot up a school of helpless students, the way Nick did. Sometimes real people think they can't handle the stress of their problems and instead of going to a professional to talk to, sadly, they turn to suicide. Others turn to their friends for support. The greek gods when faced internal and external problems, they would handle them differently than a human being living now would handle a situation that is difficult. No matter how strong they may be, they still have to deal with life's issues. Keeping a positive attitude and never giving up is essential to get through life's ups and downs and having a great support system always helps too.

I would rate this book a nine because it was exciting, yet sad, at the same time. It would capture ones attention and once you pick it up just can't put it down.

Connection 5

Zeus and his many female companions might not have always gotten along. In this book, the Hate List Valerie's parents fought a lot more than a happy couple normally would. Her father has an affair with his secretary at work. I liken this to Zeus who had many different lovers and wasn't faithful to just one woman.

School Shooting in the Commons

May 2, 2008

7:10 A.M.

Connection 6

Val and Nick are a lot like Pyramus and Thisbe. Pyramus and Thisbe both loved each other very much just like Val and Nick did. in the end, Nick is the only one of this couple that ends up dying; while in Pyramus and Thisbe both die for each other and the unconditional love they shared. Val has to learn how to live without Nick after he shot himself.

Archetypal Hero Traits

Unbeknownst to Valerie at the time, as she steps in front of a gun and saves schoolmate Jessica Campbell, she has archetypal hero traits of a traumatic event as well as journey and unhealable wound. She has to live through many nightmares of the shooting. She has to go to a therapist to realize she is strong enough to move forward from this traumatic event. This is part of her journey as she deals with her internal angst and guilt. The unhealable wound is both her memory of the event as well as the physical wound to her left that will always remind her of that fateful day of May 2, 2008.