Wendy Mass

By-Sara Rouse

Wendy Mass is a New York Times winner for 11 different books for young fellows.Wendy Mass graduated tufts university which is located in massachusetts. She was born in New Jersey and worked at bookstores when she was a teen.Wendy has a husband named mike and twins named griffin and chloe. She is 49 years young and her birthday is April, 22, 1976. She has made 11 novels but she translates them into 18 different languages. Her first publish was in 1998.

Candy Makers

Candy Makers

Candy makers is a book were four kids have been chosen to do a candy contest were they are trying to get the newest tasty treats. The characters are Logan which is the candy makers son and has been around candy his whole life. Daisy which is an average girl with a secret that she hasn't told any one. Miles who has a strange story with a crazy background.Then there is Philip who is always writing in a journal and in a suit. Who do you think will win?

Heaven Looks A lot Like The Mall

When 16 year old Tessa has a tragic accident in gym she beliefs that she is in heaven. What will leave you wondering is her '' heaven'' looks a lot like her hometown mall. While she is in ''heaven'' she learns things she didn't even know about herself. The real question is is she alive?

A Mango Shaped Space

Mia Winchell has synesthesia. What is synesthesia it is a condition were you can see sounds smell colors and taste shapes.During this novel Mia is forced to reveal her secret and how to learn to appreciate her talent. Would you like it if you had this talent?
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