Observing Downtown Toronto

by Saif Hanif

Toronto at a Glance

Toronto is Canada's largest city by population (about 2.8 million people) and is the provincial capital of Ontario. It is located in Southern Ontario on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario.
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Main Observations

I went on a field trip to downtown Toronto. I saw and observed many things as I walked past Kensington Market, the streets of China town and to Yonge-Dundas Square. I noticed the high population density as well as the medium / high residential land use. There were low, middle and high order goods and services in different parts of the city. Most of the land in the CBD was commercial land use. There were many different types of transportation, a few examples of institutional land use and no big factories or processing plants in the CBD that I could see. I personally didn't see much open space or recreational land use either. In a big city like Toronto there are some land use conflicts. Another thing that I noticed was that the graffiti on the walls along Kensington Market was appreciated like it was art (maybe because it gave the place some personality). These are the things that stuck out for me when I went to visit.
Downtown Toronto 2014
This little video shows different parts of Toronto. There are pictures that show the different land uses and everything else I talked about from my visit downtown. Try to spot the different examples.

What I Learned

On my exciting field trip to downtown Toronto, I saw and learned many new things. I learned where and how people live and work downtown. I also learned a bit more about the different types of land uses and why certain places are located where they are (transportation, institutional, commercial land use and the different residential land uses, etc.). I experienced how densely populated the CBD (central business district) in Toronto really is. This got me comparing where I live in Mississauga to Toronto and seeing how they are different and thinking about some different land use conflicts. I enjoyed this trip to downtown Toronto and I think I learned a lot about geography from this experience.