Comparing Horses

Icelandic vs. Black Forest

Black Forest

  • Weighs about 1200 lb
  • The Black Forest is a Draft Horse
  • Originated in Southern Germany
  • Nimble, lively, and high fertility
  • Light mane and tail, most popular in the dark silver dapple
  • Selected for work in farming and in hilly regions
  • Small, hardy, suitable for the highland with long winters
  • Short head, very large eyes, and small ears that point up
  • The Black Forest Horse is very gentle and kind
  • The first Black Forest Horses were imported into Washington, United States in May of 2001

Icelandic Horse

  • Weighs about 727lb- 837lb
  • Rather small, sturdy, and hardy, lacking in elegance
  • Long thick manes and tails, and the winter coat is doubled
  • Versatility in riding performance, lively temperament, strong but worker-able
  • Descended from horses from Iceland over 11 centuries ago
  • The Icelandic horse has changed, and is now very similar to the horse breeds in Europe and North America
  • There are 40 different colors that the Icelandic Pony can be
  • The average Icelandic Horse eats about 15 lbs grass per day
  • The Vikings migrated the Icelandic Horse to Iceland around 500 B.C.
  • This horse only comes in black and browns