The Stone Ages

The Old Stone Age and The New Stone Age

Paleolithic era

  • The Old Stone Age also known as the Paleolithic era was a period of time that lasted until about 12,000 to 70,000 years ago.
  • Man Survived by Hunting Animals and gathering roots, berries, leaves, and seeds
  • People began to hunt in groups, hunting animals such as mammoths , wild boar and reindeer
  • No sign of agriculture but gathered many different plants and fungi to survive
  • Stone Age people were Nomads, or people who have no settled homes
  • Shelters built such as tepees made from animal fur and caves were used for shelter
  • Weapons used for basic needs such as hunting were made of bones and rocks, showing the people intelligent's
  • One of the main developments during this era was the discovery of fire

Neolithic Era

. The New Stone Age or the Neolithic Era lasted until about 6,000 to 12,000 years ago

. During the Neolithic Era they started to stay in one place

. Man began to change his diet and eat grains and small animals

. Agriculture began and the growing of food, so no longer do people have to travel for food

. People learned to domesticate plants and animals to be useful to humans

. The use of copper and bronze to make weapons

. The people were much more intelligent and had much more advanced technology compared to people during the Paleolithic era