Summer Opportunities

20 Hours- Professional Development

  • Everyone is required to have 20 hours of professional development.

  • Staff development hours can not be carried over from previous years.

6/1/2020- was the first date to start staff development hours for the 2020-2021school year.

  • Here are some sites that you could earn some hours over the summer


Certification Courses | The #1 Screen Recorder for Chrome

Sharpen your screencasting skills with our brief, easy-to-follow certification courses. Learn the basics of Screencastify and some popular ways to get the most out of screencasting in the classroom. Learn how to marry Screencastify with Google Apps as you plan and execute a lesson. If you're an educator at a Google school, this is the course ...


The movie is on Netflix.

1 hour 48 minutes

We will have a follow-up meeting (face to face or virtual)

You will be able to earn 2.5 hours total.

CRIP CAMP: A DISABILITY REVOLUTION | Official Trailer | Netflix | Documentary

Remote Learning

In this FREE course, Remote Learning 101, educators will get lots of practical tips, ideas and resources to make a plan for remote learning. They'll think through some of the key parts of it. They'll take practical steps toward building the remote learning class they need -- and their students need.

Microsoft Educator Insider

Microsoft Educator Insider podcast + 16 innovative ideas

The Microsoft Educator Insider series will give you inspiration, big ideas, and practical strategies for your classroom. Here are 16 excerpts from the show.