The Twenty First Century

By Ethan Berent

Major Events of the 21st Century


On this fateful day nearly 3,000 people were killed when Al-Qaeda fighters drove two plans into the World Trade Centers in NYC. This event has had huge global impact as it restarted Americas effort into the war on terror, it changed the way we travel today (such as TSA etc), and finally it had a huge emotional impact on Americans and people around the world.

The War on Terror

Started after the attacks on September American and British forces invaded Afghanistan with the goals of dismantling the Taliban, and killing Osama bin Laden (the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks), and dismantling Al-Qaeda. As the war elongated it grew less and less popular in countries as it seemed they were wasting resources on a war that would never end.

Introduction of the Euro

On January 1st 2002 the Euro was introduced to over 12 countries setting the stage for economic stability throughout Europe. The introduction of the Euro has huge implications for the history of Europe in that it provided a stable economic currency that would allow all countries to have equal trade and finical opportunity between countries.

Launch of Youtube

Since February 2005 Youtube has been steadily gaining popularity and views since the day it came out. It was the first major video watching website of its kind and it allowed millions of people to watch any video they could imagine. Youtube has dramatically impacted the way we go about our every day life from the way we learn, to our daily news, etc.

Hurricane Katrina

In August of 2005 one of the worst Hurricanes in American history struck Louisiana it left a wake of destruction in its path, claiming the lives of 1,400 innocent victims. This tragic storm caused over 108 billion dollars in damage and ruined the homes and lives of the residents of Louisiana. But this catastrophic event had some good outcomes such as the formation of fema etc.

Saddam Hussein is Executed

Saddam Hussein was an important figure in shaping the middle east, the president of Iraq for over two decades, he encouraged conflict between US and Iraq. He was a total dictator who executed his political enemies on crimes of "treason". In the end he was arrested and executed for killing hundreds of people and torturing hundreds more, on 30th December 2006 he was hung.

The First African American President

President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4th 1961, he attended college and law school. After success there he moved to Chicago were he became a US senator, then in November 2008 he became the first African American president of the United States. He was re-elected in 2012, overall his presidency was regarded as productive, he kept to his promises and tried to strengthen the middle class.

Ebola Virus Outbreak

The virus made headlines when in 2014 reports of an epidemic in Guinea, Sierra Leon, and Liberia surfaced, this was the first major out break of this proportions in hundreds of years. This achieved global notice as developed countries sent aid and support to these countries struggling to combat the virus, in all over 23,200 people died from this deadly virus.

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1. What tragic event happened on 9/11

a. A bombing in Grand Central Station

b. The assassination of George Bush

c. The terrorist attacks against the Twin Towers

d. None of the above

2. Who was Saddam Hussein?

a. the president of America

b. the president of Iraq

c. the president of Saudi Arabia

d. the prime minster of Canada

3. What state did Katrina hit hardest?

a. Texas

b. Mississippi

c. Arkansas

d. None of the Above

4. What was special about Barack Obama's Presidency?

a. First African American President

b. First president from Hawaii

c. The 44th president of the United States

d. All of Above!

5. What country wasn't Ebola in?

a. Guinea

b. Egypt

c. Liberia

d. Sierra Leon

6. When was Youtube Launched?

a. 2005

b. 2002

c. 2007

d. 2008