by aaron moody

the history of electronics

The history of electronics started when the first electronic the relay. A relay is a power switch. Don't forget about flip phones who knows when that was made.So old

I guess it was made in 1564 I'm kidding there are old but not that old. People thought that electronics are so dangerous. They were right because they are electronics once blew up not only can they hurt you but they can hurt you're like you could be charging your device and you spill water. Fire alert fire alert.

playstation portable's

There are many electronics like there are five psp but one is called a ps vita. psp's are know for a smaller version of a play station. Personally I think play station vitas are better than a psp. because they can text and take over a play station. Psps were supost to be a smaller version of a play station. Wii got there idea for a wii u from a psp they said it inspired them to make a wii u. you just copied the playstation company. Alot of people have been saying it to one of my friends even agrees


Phones were originally made by Htc but then no I phones had to make the first huge smartphone. I HATE I PHONES I hate THEM. I like Samsung the best but that's my opinion they are so long.and so much better than IPhones because Samsung they are basically the ones who made the cloud. Phones are one of the best rated devices . In my class I did a surevey and phones had the top rating. Alexander Grahm bell made the first phone. It was a device that had a tube you would speak into it to talk.

types of tabletes

There are many tablets like there are htc tablets. Witch i have there are also kindle witch i also have. But anyways there are also iPad's also. And kurio witch is a type of tablet they are like a starter tablet for kids and they come with a blue case. The first tablet was the ipad but it was not made by steve jobs. Tablets are more popular for children than a adult.

gaming systems

There are many types of gaming systems like a x box or a Play station.For a x box there cutting edge tehcnolgy is what what makes them famous. But for a play station there famous from sony because sony is awesome. Play stations are ahead of x boxes in approval ratings. Play station is going 22.3$ million dollars while x box is at 12.8 $ million

favorite device's

There are many favorite devices and I will show you a chart for favorite one's the top rating is the phone with a score of 9.There is a tie for second place with tv and tablet at 6.And third place is iPod with 5 so close to second.That is only for our class room think about every where that would be a lot of ratings. To sort and organize but oppions can change over time

this is why i think electronics are popular

My opinion is that when people first made electronics they kept making better one and everyone wants to get there greedy little hands on them. I mean what has our generation come to every body has there nose in a screen. I challenge you to not use electronics for a month and play with friend's and family.