Hour of Code

Try these coding activities during your coding time

New at Coding?

Code.org sponsors Hour of Code each year. Take a look at all the fun coding activities they have for you to try!

Drag and drop, Scratch, Java script, and more!!!!

Write your first computer program!

Do you have some coding skills? Maybe you should try this. You can help one of the Angry Birds catch a naughty pig.



Bitsbox has some very exciting activities for you to try. Start out slow and learn the basics of crafting your own strings of code.


Want to branch out?

Check out our Spheros and learn to program them using Tickle on the iPad.

Tynker Coding Projects

Try out the Tynker website and create games using their tools.

Ready to Code on Your Own?

Use Scratch coding language to write your own interactive stories, games and animations.


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Makey Makey

Learn how to turn everyday objects into keys for your computer. We used Playdoh to create a drum kit! What can you do?


Use this with the MakeyMakey and create a Game!

Gamefroot. Sign up for an account and start coding your game!