Fighting for an Education

Across the globe, children are denied an education.

Get educated with the facts:

-Around the world, 57 million children don't have access to a basic education.

-More than 700 million children never learned to read.

-150 million children who are currently enrolled in school will drop out before completing their primary school education.

Who is helping them?

There are many charities dedicated to getting children all over the world the education that they deserve. However, many schools are still understaffed and undersupplied. This is a problem that needs to be resolved before more children can be enrolled.

What are some of these charities?

While there are many charities dedicated to helping children recieve an education, some of the most well known are:

-Save the Children

Save the Children focuses on helping children living in poverty across America. Their literacy, science, and math programs help children from kindergarten to sixth grade recieve a quality education.

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UNICEF runs many different programs through their organization that work to promote and provide quality education for children around the world. Each donation they receive helps to keep these programs running, and provides much needed school supplies to a child in need.

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Get the Facts:

-There are not nearly enough teachers to staff the already overcrowded schools.

-Half of the children denied an education live in Africa.

-There are many factors that can prevent children from being able to attend school. Some of these are poverty, disability, or forced child labor.

-For every $100 that the government invests in education, the family of the child must invest up to $70 more.

-Not enough teachers and already overcrowded classrooms prevent more children from enrolling. In Central Africa, there can be over 80 students per class.

-A shortage of supplies is also a problem. In Cameroon, more than 10 students can have to share a textbook.

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57 million children out of school

What can I do to help?

With the quality education high school students in Newtown receive, it can be impossible to imagine what it is like to be denied that right. You can help by donating to one of the charities listed above, which, along with fighting for other fundamental childrens' rights, will help to provide a quality education to children across the world.

Want to know more?

For more information please go to the website of the Global Campaign for Education where you can learn how they are working toward ensuring children everywhere receive the quality education they deserve.