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Thursday, April 7th 2016

Dear Area 31 Entrepreneurs and Friends,

If you're interested in applying to IE's Incubator in Area 31, join next Wednesday's Open House Day. Many more things are happening next week! You've heard about cookie messages, "the cloud"... get to learn more about those common tech matters in the workshop Techies' ins and outs for dummies in Area 31 on Monday. On Thursday, we're celebrating FinTech Venture Day in Fundación Rafael del Pino, with speakers and a vibrant FinTech startup competition! Later that day, join our Venture Day Madrid with the most influential early stage investors and entrepreneurs.

There are many opportunities that you shouldn't miss on our newsletter this week! Apply to Biosphere Awards, which provides connections to both the Spanish startup scene and German investors. Are you part of a woman-led team? Apply to PowerPitch Competition, by Forte Foundation. Don´t miss the event "Keys to create a high-impact startups" organized by Endeavor and TechHub on Tuesday! Finally from our blog, meet Area 31 startup Micocar, that allows you to save with discounts in your taxi rides!


Techies' ins and outs for dummies

Date: Monday, April 11th

Time: 18:00-19:00

Location: Area 31, The Garden

You hear and you talk about “the cloud”, you read those cookie messages on websites, your iPhone has many pixels and you see those shoes you looked up on Amazon as you navigate online newspapers, twitter, google and other blogs. What’s that about and how it works explained for dummies by Luismi, founder of Mentta, one of the startups hosted in Area31. Register here.

Area 31 Open House Day

Date: Wednesday, April 13th

Time: 18:00-19:00

Location: Area 31, The Garden

Are you interested in applying to the Incubator in Area 31? Take this opportunity to come, visit the space and ask any questions you might have. Find more info and register here.


Fintech Venture Day

Date: Thursday, April 14th

Time: 9:00 - 14:00

Location: Fundación Rafael del Pino, Madrid

IE Business School, Santander InnoVentures and Accenture have launched FinTech Venture Days, an innovative program designed to encourage and empower vibrant financial technology (FinTech) startup ecosystems around the world and foster innovation in financial services. Startups will be selected to participate in a “Pitch Slam” event during the FinTech Venture Day they have applied for and compete to win additional benefits and resources. Learn more.

Venture Day Madrid

Date: Thursday, April 14th

Time: 16:00 - 14:00

Location: Fundación Rafael del Pino, Madrid

Join some of the world's most influential early-stage investors and entrepreneurs as they share their experiences and judge our startup competition! Stay tuned for the agenda, including exciting keynotes, panels and participants! Places are limited! Please register here.


Apply to IE's Incubator in Area 31

Deadline: May 3rd

IE Business School’s startup ecosystem embraces more than 300 startups every year as well as investors, programmers and corporate partners worldwide. The Incubator in Area 31 is at the very heart of IE Business School's world class environment. Overall, startups in our Incubator have access to up to $150,000 worth of services including free office space, mentoring, training, technical support, free services from our corporate partners and extensive networking opportunities. Apply here.

Keys for the Creation of High-Impact Startups

Date: Tuesday, April 12th

Time: 18:30

Location: Campus Madrid

This event will be in Spanish.

Endeavor Spain together with TechHub Madrid are organizing the event: "Keys for the creation of high impact startups" Thinking big is part of the DNA of some companies from the moment of its creation. In this talk, Carlos Emilio Gómez, leader of expansion of Waze in Europe and Javier Andrés, founder and CEO of Ticketea, will share their experiences and keys for the creation of high-impact startups. Register here.

Piosphere Awards

Biosphere is an initiative promoted by the German-Spanish Chamber of Commerce with the main goal of fostering the German-Spanish startup ecosystem by connecting Spanish startups with German investors, providing privileged connections to both the Spanish startup scene and German Corporate and Venture Capital investors and helping them accessing new markets and finding business opportunities. Learn more here.

Apply to Power Pitch Competition

This new competition offers a high-profile, real-world challenge at the Forté MBA Women’s Leadership Conference where women-led teams present business ideas to a panel of judges. The spirit of the competition is to focus on ideas conceived and developed as part of the business school experience. Selected finalists will be invited to participate in the Forté Power Pitch competition on Saturday, June 18, 2016. Apply here.



We interviewed Juanma Nieto, Microcar's CEO. Micocar is an app that allows taxi customers to save money with discounts in every taxi ride! The app was born from the idea that taxi's price should be flexible according to the demand of taxis existent at each hour of the day. Learn how it all started here!

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