Couponing 101


Join us at the Oakland City Public Library for a FREE Intro into Smart Couponing

Tiffany from the Oakland City Public will be teaching a beginners course to teach you to reduce your household grocery costs, maximize your budget and learn to use coupons the right way.

Wednesday October 28 @ 10 am

Beginning coupon class will cover:

  • Where to find coupons
  • Organizing your coupons, binder,book, etc
  • Which stores to shop at
  • How to stockpile your coupons and goods

Beginners Guide to Living Well and Spending Less

Lets Start Couponing!

This class is being taught by Tiffany Moore, who is passionate about saving money and slashing her monthly household budget by nearly 67% per month for family fun allowances.

Bring a friend and lets start saving you money!

R.S.V.P. to the Oakland City Public Library


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