VCR Lesson 4

Alyssa Gutierrez

Fill in the blank:

North Korea is a ____________ that has been under a dictatorship since the 1980s.
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n. An organized society, such as a nation, state, church, or other organization, having a specific form of government.


1. state

2. federation

3. union


1. anarchy

2. uncivilized society

An example of a polity in religion:

Ecclesiastical polity is the operational and governing structure of a church or of a Christian denomination. It can also be the ministerial structure of a church and the authority relationships between churches.

Some subcategories of ecclesiastical polity:

Episcopal polity

  • governed by bishops

Connexional polity

  • similar to episcopal, but with a bottom-up structure
  • centered around small congregations called circuits

Choose the sentence with the word used incorrectly.

1. The American polity is ruled by a government with three branches, but consent of the people, or popular sovereignty, still overrules this government.

2. Revolutions in Europe meant that governments were constantly in a flux of changing rulers, so it is not fitting to call them organized polities.

3. Although dictatorships often bring human rights invasions, they can sometimes be effective polities because discipline causes order.

4. The school's new dress code polity requires that skirts and dress be fist-length, not fingertip-length.





4. The correct word should've been policy. Be careful not to interchange these words.