Kids and internet

Kids should stay away from the internet.

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I think kids should stay away from the internet because there are hackers and people can find out were people live if they just ask one simple little kid what there address is and the kid well might tell them.
Digital parenting dilemma: To snoop or not to snoop?

Wow if you look at this you would get alot of money back. they have been kidnapped. 42% of kids report cyber bullying and that is not good because they might end up killing them self. 7.5 million Facebook users are under the age of thirteen. That is dangerous because they can say Zmean things. 3 million kids are absent due to cyber bullying. 7.8 percent people report bullying each day.

People are dieing😯😯🤐🤐

81 percent of teens say that cyber bullying is easier to get away with. Also if they keep letting it go by people well stop reporting cyber bullying. 20% of kids think about committing suicide because of cyber bullying. 65,000 kids 10 to 14 commit suicide because of the internet. What we need to do is just get all the cell phones and ipads taken away or just not say mean stuff. I also think evrey parent should check up what there kid is doing so that there kids is not in danger.

Kids say 9% of online people threaten to kill. 4,400 kids commit succeed because of the internet. 5 percent of kids say sometimes they think its adults. The average teen sends 60 text per day they could all be mean text and that is not good. Because there just putting people down. I think evreybody should just act right on the internet, i think that evrey kid under the age of 5 should not have anything that has to to we the internet.