By: Payton Brooks


The capital of Columbia is Bogata. Here below are three pictures of the capital below. Bogata is a beautiful place to go as you can see down below. There are 18 volcanoes in Columbia and 15 are active. Columbia has 3 bordering countries that are Venezuela, Panama, and Ecuador.
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Major Cities, Historical Sites, and Landmarks

Historical Sites and Landmarks

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The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquria


The currency of Columbia is the Columbian peso. One American dollar equals .00030 peso.


The official language is Spanish, there others that speak American Indian Language.

3 Important People

Juan Manuel Santos is the current president of Columbia. Edgar Renteria played in the MLB and helped the San Francisco Giants win the World Series in 2010. Orlando Cabrera was another baseball player.


futbol and cycling are the major sports in Columbia.


The main religion of Columbia is Catholic.


The music of Columbia is cumbia, salsa, and porros

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Season/ Climate

It is very rainy during May to November. While it is very dry from December to March.

Natural Resources

Natural resources: petroleum, natural gas, coal, iron ore, nickel, gold, copper, emeralds, hydropower


The top export destinations of Colombia are the United States ($19.3B), China ($5.1B), Panama ($3.26B), India ($3.14B) and Spain ($2.92B). The top import origins are the United States ($16.4B), China ($10.1B), Mexico ($5.39B), Brazil ($2.68B) and Germany ($2.15B).


The government of Columbia is the republic.