By:Cameron McCormick



Funny, Irish

Drinks laughs, sleeps

Always makes me feel better.


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There was once a dude

Who was in a bad mood

He went to grab a bite

But then he got in a fight

Now to get some food

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I am monkey

Swinging from vine to vine

I groom my colleagues fur

Eating there ticks

I eat bananas off trees

I protect my kids

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C- Courageous and fearless

A- Awesome and funny

M- Memorable/ good memory

E- Energetic and active

R- Reliable and keeps his word

O- Optimistic and weird

N- Nice and fun

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Hands, oh hands, I love you hands.

You let me write

But I let you rest every night

You help me fight

Hands, oh hands, you're filled with might.

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Orange is the sunset at 6:30

Orange is the school colors

Orange smells like my favorite ice cream

Orange tastes like orange sherbert

Orange sounds like my favorite song

Orange looks like the night sky

Orange feels like my favorite cover

Orange makes me feel happy

Orange is youtube when i get home

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Makes Me Think Of

Oranges makes me think of colors

Colors make me think of happiness

Happiness makes me think of fun

Fun makes me think of activities

Activities makes me think of lunch

Lunch makes me think of food

Food makes me think of oranges

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My giant brown eyes

My long legs are very tall

My bushy eyebrows

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My hair is long like vines

My eyes are brown like tree bark

My eyebrows are thick like the top tall trees

My nose is big like gorillas snouts

My ears are as pointy as a bats

I am the tall trees of the earth

I am the forest

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