Healthy Cowboy Challenge


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The Healthy Cowboy Challenge is an annual event for the learners and educators of CHS to collaborate towards one goal of health. As an educator or faculty member of CHS signing up involves having your own personalized team of CHS students working towards your specific health goal. This is a fantastic learning opportunity for our students and a great way to challenge our staff to lead healthier lives.

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Healthy Cowboy Challenge 2014


We're providing some resources for all Cowboys whether or not you sign up!

Resource collection
Dietary guidelines for adults:

Heart rate zones for exercise:

Cardio and strength exercise guidelines:

Flexibility and range of motion exercises:

BMI range calculator, explains what this tells you:

Website with healthy recipes, has recipes, videos, and a meal planner:

Workout plan generator:

Motivational music playlist:

Tracking app:

Look for Lose it! Weight loss program and calorie counter in the App Store