Just a reminder to schedule your grade level planning day (special ed also.) Please make sure you confirm your subs and alert Karen to the day. Angie is trying to make herself available to work with you for a portion of the day-use and abuse her! (<:

A huge Thank You to the PTO for dedicating $2500.00 for us to be able to have this unique opportunity!

Remember the Objectives of the Day are:

  1. To work as a Grade Level Team to begin redesigning the way that Back to School night should look next year. Specifically, thinking about the fact that we will be 1:1 Mobile Devices K-6!! Because Back to School Night is our one time during the school year that we have our parents' undivided attention, we need to maximize that opportunity to enlighten our parents about this new way of engaging students in the curriculum. We also need to rethink how we present information to them and which information can be shared in a "hand-out" versus what should we be demonstrating for them and teaching them how to access. (edmodo, educreations, google drive, etc...)
  2. To work as a Grade Level Team to reflect on this school year and talk about plans for next year as it relates to the implementation of 1:1 mobile devices-what worked; what didn't; what do we want to learn more about; what will we do differently etc...
  3. •FYI...Avoid the Summer Slide is taking on a new slant and name. We are trying to change the perception of "remediation" to "getting a jump on next year." Alison McGee is working on the changes now-which are really more about the "marketing" of the program than real substantive program changes. Essentially, it will have a new name emphasizing the forward thinking; it will still link to Compass Learning, DreamBox, Library programs etc.; and it will still have a summer reading component. We are tying to add a new piece-and we need your help. One of the main changes will be to have the site appear to be more grade level specific. We are thinking that every year there are a couple of math objectives that a great deal of your students enter your class needing to have retaught-if we could get a list of these, then we could set up links to these concepts to support the students' skill development over the summer. Additionally, if there are certain things you would like to have listed or linked on your "grade level" page, let us know that as well, and we can make that happen-we think... (<:
  4. Lastly, I know that your team will want time to "reflect together" (wink) on your students' progress for the year and begin to document that progress. I know you will use your best judgment when dividing your time between planning for next year and wrapping up this year. (<: