Paul Olsen Denver

Business Salesman

Man and the Mountain

Paul Olsen of Denver is an athletic person who embraces every next challenge with strength and endurance to achieve his goals. There are 54 fourteeners, or peaks above 14,000 feet, in the state; and Paul has climbed all but five of them. Paul embraces all that the state of Colorado has to offer, including its multitude of high mountain peaks that continue to offer him a personal physical challenge to overcome. Everyone has their mountain to climb.

Paul Olsen of Denver - Expanding Horizons

Paul Olsen Denver and his company are currently working with a 49 year-old specialty commercial radio and cable install company located in the Denver Tech Center. When it comes to competition, the company could not e in a better position. The sale includes over $250,000 worth in inventory and assets, making it a debt-free deal from the start. They provide large commercial, industrial and government entities with their legally-required emergency communication systems.

Over the past ten years, they have accumulated a list of roughly 400 contracts with large commercial and government operations. The company is Colorado’s premier commercial, industrial and government building radio, cabling and signal amplification company. The company has experiences consistent growth in the past decade, however the owner’s health has become of concern and he needs someone who can take control and continue the company’s incline in profitability.

Paul Olsen of Denver and the Company Broker Group are always looking for successful business owners who want to sell their companies to buyers. They are virtually alone in their specific field, which involved highly technical work that gets them in direct contact with emergency responders to ensure a safe work environment. The sale price is listed at $550,000 with $300,000 due at signing and the other $250,000 over time. The CBG office is located at 999 18th St. Suite 3000, Denver, CO 80202. Their phone number is 303-382-1900 and their fax number is 815-301-3483.You can also fill out a contact form on their website, which is available at

Paul Olsen of Denver - Refrigeration

Paul Olsen of Denver and his company have become involved in refrigeration, the particular company services and installs refrigeration systems for commercial and government hospitality groups all throughout Colorado. Paul and the Company Broker Group are committed to helping their buyers and sellers both benefit from the deals they can create. The business has been 100% absente-owned and run by a long standing manager for the past few years. With the transition to an on-site owner, new strategies can be imposed to create growth off the company’s foundation of customer service, with 55 years unscathed by even a single recorded complaint within those thousands and thousands of jobs .The company has a strong foundation of business, with a report of annual revenue at $2,277,000 in 2012 that grew to $2,348,000 in 2014 before a plateau at $2,200,000 approximately in 2014. They do walk-in coolers, freezers, ice machines, soda machines, and a wide variety of kitchen equipment that includes large cooking appliances. In South Metro Denver, they have a 55 year-old refrigeration service business for sale at $150,000 down and another $250,000 over time. The company now holds over $700,000 in accounts receivable, inventory, equipment and well-kept trucks and vans that will all be given to the buyer upon purchase.

Paul Olsen of Denver and CBG can be reached at their home office, which is located at 999 18th St. Suite 3000, Denver, CO 80202. Their phone number is 303-382-1900 and their fax number is 815-301-3483.You can also fill out a contact form on their website, which is available at

Paul Olsen of Denver - Proud Owner

Paul Olsen of Denver received his bachelor’s degree at SUNY Oswego and his master’s degree from Colorado University. Under the leadership of Mr. Now, he and CBG focus on businesses whose annual revenues are at least $1 million. Paul is the proud owner of Company Broker Group, a group of skilled business brokers who have collectively sold hundreds of Colorado companies by implementing their business skills and negotiation skills to getting their clients the best rate possible. In his free time, he likes to go hiking, skiing and running. The group also holds business seminars for free to business owners who are either planning to sell their businesses or would like to be well-prepared for when that day comes.

Paul Olsen Denver brings over twenty-five years of business experience to the table, including the ownership of several successful businesses that have helped him gain his vast knowledge of how to run efficient businesses and harbor growth. As a business broker, Paul’s aggressive nature and strong negotiation skills have come to the benefit of over 200 businesses. To Paul, the group has been pivotal in helping business owners achieve their dreams of selling their businesses at the desired rate. He also enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Lynsie, and their daughters, Madelyn and Evie. Paul also embraces all of Colorado’s fourteeners, or mountain peaks above 14,000 feet; and he has climbed to the top of all but five of them. Paul is simply one of those adventurous guys who loves to compete and face challenges, whether personal or professional.