Quince Photography in Miami

Capture Your Sweet Sixteen with a Miami Quniceanera Photographer

If you are looking for the best quinceanera photographers in Miami look no further than Bella Quinces & Photography. Formerly known as PrimorNovias, Bella Quinces began its evolution into its current business model when the owner’s son, Alexis Fernandez, acquired the company in 2003. Still a family-owned business, Bella Quinces now has three south Florida locations and holds the same spirit it has had since the company’s inception 40 years ago: to create and capture the most special and magical moments of a young girl’s life.

Bella Quinces decided to do this by dedicating a division of the entire company to the increasing quniceanera (quince) and Sweet Sixteen market. Bella Quinces goes beyond photography and cinematography as the salons also offer a variety of gowns, accessories, invitations, and tuxedos to make any quince or Sweet Sixteen an unforgettable occasion. Bella Quinces proudly works with top designers to offer the hottest trends in gowns and carries over 300 selections in their stores. Bella Quinces has two locations in Miami and one in Hialeah for customer convenience.

Defining Traditions

Before looking into quince photography in Miami it is important to understand what a quinceanera and Sweet Sixteen is. A quince is a “coming of age” celebration for a young girl in Latin and Central America and the Caribbean. This rite of passage occurs at the age of 15 and symbolizes the transition from childhood to young womanhood. A quince follows similar protocols across the regions it is celebrated in such as the entrance, a waltz, alternating between dancing and different courses of the meal, the optional 15-candle ceremony, the cake cutting, and a final period of dancing. The girl is escorted by a male of honor, usually her father or another family member. While almost all quinces have some religious elements, certain countries have much more spiritual involvement than others.

Quinces were first noted in the United States in Laredo, Texas in the late 1990’s. Due to their high cost, these celebrations were initially reserved for wealthier families. In recent years quinces have gained more popularity in the United States and are more attainable for a larger number of families. It is this growing market that Bella Quinces wanted to devote a section of their business to. In Argentine, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Uruguay, the quinceanera is always referred to as the fiesta de quince. In Brazil the celebration is called the fiesta de debutantes, baile de debutantes, or festa de quinzeanos. The celebration involves less alternation of dining and dancing and includes videos about the girl’s life. Quinces in the Dominican Republic include several choreographed dances to rhythms such as the merengue or salsa music. In French Guiana and the French Caribbean, the celebration is known as the fete des quinzeans and follows a similar order.

The Mexican quince meets the New World in the fairly new celebration of a Sweet Sixteen. While this occasion follows many of the quince traditions, it also incorporates several aspects of American culture and is becoming a popular alternative for girls from Mexico living in the United States. As the traditional year for a girl to begin her journey to womanhood in the United States is sixteen, this is one of the biggest differences as a quince is held on the fifteenth birthday. The girl of honor still wears an elaborate gown and accessories, customs are still observed, but it is definitely a celebration of two different cultures.

Photography and Cinematography

Due to the very special nature of quinces and Sweet Sixteens, pictures that fully capture these events are a must-have. Bella Quinces has had experienced photographers on its staff for over 30 years to make sure customs receive superb quality pictures. They use the latest and most innovative equipment to create unparalleled artistry, creativity, and unique natures in capturing a quince or Sweet Sixteen. Available shoots include classic and modern portraits, custom story book/fairy tale albums, underwater and “mermaid” photography, sunset shots, winter wonderland themes, and even a photography session with adorable tiger cubs! Bella Quinces also offers video services with videographers who have been in the business for 20 years. A video is truly unique as it captures every angle and motion of an event, especially with modern high-definition cameras. To take things to the next level, this company offers a one camera event option all the way to a four camera full-fledged production.

On what is nearly as important as a wedding day, Bella Quinces strives to provide the premiere quince and Sweet Sixteen photography. Make your appointment today for pictures and video as special as this once in a lifetime day itself. Drop by any of their three locations or contact Bella Quinces by phone or email if you have any questions or need to book their top-tier services.

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