The Book Thief

by Markus Zusak

the lessons the book thief taught us.

The Book Thief taught our group the importance and power behind words, along with understanding and importance behind the people in your life and the lessons they impart upon you. Words can change a world and drive an army, fuel a nation with hatred and at the same time words can bare compassion that can changes peoples lives for the better.


The Book Thief showed me the complexity of relationships between the people on this earth. The love and unbreakable bonds that can be formed between people from different families and tragic lives we all share in one way or another. While also teaching me the fear that words can cause. Words can hold so much validity behind them giving the speaker the undivided attention of the audience. It also showed me the fear that was bestilled within the people of Nazi Germany, All from Death's point of view. There were pockets of people who didn't quite fit the perfect Germany standard yet were good German citizens so they were left alone, to be quiet and not protest the Furher. For their words held power but most of these people didn't know how much power. The innocent people often times were the recipients of the awful attacks sustain bombings to their lands, flatting the ground where houses use to line the streets. This showed me the importance of shelter and a home to go to at the end of the day. The little miscellaneous items that are scattered across the floor make up your life and when that is destroyed life can begin to stand still. Leaving you with only relationships behind you that you have built with the people in your life, to help you recover.


The Book Thief taught me that not all of the people in Germany during the Holocaust were bad nor did they believe in Hitler's teachings and propaganda. You did not have to fit the perfect German complexion in order to be safe from the Nazis, you just had to show support and stay in line. Yet sometimes even that did not keep you safe. Such was true for Liesel who had brown eyes and blond hair and stole books and hated Hitler. She never spoke of her hatred for Hitler with other people really, nor did she show the hatred which kept her safe from exposing her family and the Jew in their basement. This showed me that even though she was a child and did not have much of a grasp on the consequences which would await her and her family if she spoke ill of the Fubrer. This showed me a great importance of family and the love between people which can cause them to do anything, even hug a little German girl if your a Jew in front of Nazi guards.


The Book Thief taught and showed me that a little girl at the tender age of 10 can change the way a whole community thinks and feels. Liesel rebels personally against her country's political stance, but she has no idea how much of an impact she makes on the people around her. Her friend Rudy, at the beginning of the book, is naive and curious which effects his way of seeing the German Nazi party. Liesel pushes his curiousness to a new level when she turns him toward stealing food and books with her. She influences Rudy both positively and negatively when she shows him the mayor's house. Liesel teches Rudy that stealing can be a good thing for your family(food) but bad for the people you're stealing from. Liesel teaches her family about innocense and how children viewed the war. Through her eyes death got to see how personaly the war affected Liesel, making death sympathize with her as well.

Whole Group:

This book taught our group about the effects of World War 2 on both children and families who lived in Germany. The book presented itself as an option to see both through the eyes of death itself and to learn about a German citizens point of view. We took the chance to live the excruciating pain of the everyday life of death himself and saw how the effects of the Holocaust affected death as well. This book was at times overwhelming to read but an interest that we will never forget. We may even read it again at one point just to relive the wonder and pain of the Holocaust through death's eyes. This book was amzing and we thank you for recommending it.