Intervention Presentation

By Nikki Hollar and Chelsea Watts

Intervention to Classroom Disruptions

Our student, Stu Dent, is a 1st grader who disrupts the class because he cannot keep his hands to himself while asked to.


  • Give Stu stickers to place on each knee. When he is being disruptive by not keeping his hands to himself, remind Stu to keep his hands on his stickers. The visual will help encourage Stu to keep his hands to himself
  • If Stu is needed to move his hands to concentrate, he will be given a squishy ball that he can hold/squeeze in his lap so his hands stay busy and he will not disrupt class and stay focused.

Monitoring Intervention

Stu will have an index card taped to his desk. When caught being on task and using his interventions, he will be asked to give himself a check. When he meets his check goal for the week he can pick a prize from the treasure chest. This will encourage him to stay on task using his interventions and is self motivating.

Evaluating Intervention

Teacher will document his progress to see if there is improvement from the week before. They will also document whether or not they have to reprimand him to determine whether or not a decrease in the need to addressing the behavior is occurring.

If there isn't a significant improvement, there will be another Intervention plan implemented.