Principal's Newsletter

Willard Elementary

October 1, 2021

Hello amazing Willard parents! We made it through the first month of school and we're doing great so far! We took our Acadience Reading assessment last week and we are excited to share your student's results with you at Parent Teacher Conference. Speaking of Parent Teacher Conferences, they will be held on October 6 & 7. Kindergarten and Dual Immersion will also do conferences on the 8th because of their large class sizes. Because of conferences, there will be NO KINDERGARTEN on Friday, October 8. Please sign up for a conference time at the following link: or you can call the school at 435-734-4934.

Our goal is to meet with EVERY family!

I wanted to say THANK YOU to those who fill out the staff "Shout Out' form that is emailed to you every few weeks. We have an amazing staff at Willard School who work so hard to make sure kids feel safe and loved and are learning at high levels. I have included the September Shout Outs below to show off some of the great things that are happening!


October 6- Flu Shot Clinic 3:00-6:30 at Three Mile Creek

October 6, 7, 8- Parent Teacher Conferences


October 14 & 15- Fall Break

October 25- Flu Shot Clinic 2:30-6:00 at Three Mile Creek

October 29- Halloween PTA Parties and Costume Parade outside on the walking track

11:00- AM Preschool, AM Kindergarten, Davis and Gonzales Parade

2:40- PM Preschool, PM Kindergarten, Southwick, Robins, Morgan, Obray

¡Hola increíbles padres de Willard! Hemos pasado el primer mes de escuela y nos va muy bien hasta ahora. Tomamos nuestra evaluación de lectura Acadience la semana pasada y estamos emocionados de compartir los resultados de su estudiante con ustedes en la Conferencia de Padres y Maestros. Hablando de Conferencias de Padres y Maestros, se llevarán a cabo el 6 y 7 de octubre. Kindergarten y Dual Immersion también tendrán conferencias el día 8 debido al gran tamaño de sus clases. Debido a las conferencias, no habrá KINDERGARTEN el viernes 8 de octubre. Por favor, inscríbase para una hora de conferencia en el siguiente enlace: o puede llamar a la escuela al 435-734-4934.

Nuestra meta es reunirnos con TODAS las familias.

Quería decir GRACIAS a los que llenan el formulario de "Shout Out" del personal que se envía por correo electrónico cada pocas semanas. Tenemos un personal increíble en la escuela Willard que trabaja muy duro para asegurarse de que los niños se sientan seguros y amados y están aprendiendo a altos niveles. ¡He incluido los Shout Outs de septiembre para mostrar algunas de las grandes cosas que están sucediendo!


6 de octubre- Clínica de vacuna contra la gripe 3:00-6:30 en Three Mile Creek

Octubre 6, 7, 8- Conferencias de Padres y Maestros


Octubre 14 y 15- Vacaciones de otoño

25 de octubre- Clínica de la vacuna contra la gripe 2:30-6:00 en Three Mile Creek

29 de octubre- Fiestas de la PTA de Halloween y desfile de disfraces fuera en la pista de atletismo

11:00- AM Preescolar, AM Kindergarten, Davis y Gonzales Desfile

2:40- PM Preescolar, PM Kindergarten, Southwick, Robins, Morgan, Obray

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September Shout Outs

-Mary Clark, red bus driver, is always kind and welcoming to the children!

-Mrs. Morgan has made 1st grade an easy and fun transition for my son. He loves it so much!

-Heidi Ivie. Oh my, why not!! Mrs. Ivie is Willard Elementery!! She knows the kids names and parents! She always calls back! She is so helpful and remembers everything!! She is on the ball and on top of everything going on at the school!! Mrs. Ivie is a ROCK STAR!! And, her office smells amazing!!

-Ashley Jensen, orange bus driver, is so sweet to the little kids! She always greets them with a smiling hello or have a good a day as they go on and off the bus! Thank you for taking our kiddos to and from school not only safely but kindly too!! Orange bus driver-She is a ROCK STAR!!

-Mrs. Faerber was so sweet and magical for my child today.

-Mrs. Ivie is very on top of all Office management

-Michelle Warner, you’re AMAZING! Thank you for going above and beyond this week. I appreciate your help so much! So glad you’re at Willard! :)

-AshLee Nelson, thank you so much for all of your preparation for this school year! It can feel like a bit of a jungle, but you make it all worth it! Thank you for making Willard a great place to be!

-Stephanie Worthy is always working hard with a smile. It is fun to work with someone who has a positive attitude.

-Heidi Ivie, Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done, to get the school year started! Oh my goodness, you have been faced with so many challenges this year! Bless you for all you do! I appreciate you so much! ❤️

-AshLee Nelson, Thank you for making the school so cute and so inviting with your cute jungle decor. You’re a very creative and talented person!!! I absolutely love every bit of your decorations. It makes the school such an inviting place to be. It gives us a big hug as soon as we end get the front doors!!!! Love, love, love it!!!! I also appreciate all the massive amounts of hard work you have done to get this school year started off right. I appreciate you so much! ❤️ You’re awesome!!!!

-Mrs. Obray has been so amazing making sure my daughter is okay everyday!! She comes home from school almost everyday talking about how much she loves her!!

-Mrs. Coburn made it so comfortable and easy for my daughter to start school. She has such a warm and loving environment and made each of the kids feel at ease as they started school for the first time. So grateful for all her efforts!

-Ashley Jensen (orange bus driver) is awesome with the kids. She makes them feel special and helps those who are scared or nervous! We love her!!!

-Mrs. Ivie, for all she does to keep the school going (and her help so far with PTA)!

-Miss Davis, for a great start to the school year!! (and meeting Henry when he couldn't come to the Open House). Thank You!!

-Sra. Gonzales, for a great start of the school year! (and meeting Henry when he couldn't come to the Open House). Thank You!!

-Mrs. Nelson, for all she does for the Students (and school)!! Thank you for your help with PTA, too!

-Mrs. Coburn is a very kind person, very accessible!!

-AshLee Nelson makes me feel comfortable and safe with my child who needs a little extra attention in school. She truly loves her students.

-Mrs. Southwick rolls with the punches like a champ!

-Keldi Francom has been so helpful and kind in setting up reading groups and helping us newbies. She has been so patient. She even jumped in and saved me when I was double booked during her prep time. Thank you for all your help!

-Keldi Francom, you have been so helpful and kind throughout the first few weeks of school. Thank you for jumping in where needed and for coming up with great ideas when things don’t go as planned. You are amazing!

-Michelle Warner, you have been so good about being flexible as we figured out scheduling for reading groups. Thank you so much for going with the flow and for having a positive attitude throughout. We are so lucky to have you at Willard!

-Sandy Warner, you are doing a wonderful job with your new Kindergarteners! Thank you for being flexible and willing to go with the flow. You are a true professional and I appreciate your flexibility and kindness each day!

-Mrs. Ivie is always smiling and patient with the kids and parents!

-Ashley Jensen and all Bus Drivers are rock stars!! They don’t just drive kids to school!! They deal with traffic, kids safety getting on and off the bus, kids while they are on the bus, and kids that are scared to ride the bus or having a bad day, worried parents, and complaints of all kinds!!

Today, while a child was having a rough morning on the bus, 2 cars passed the bus while the bus flashers were on!! The poor bus driver was trying to help the child, the mom, and deal with traffic all at the same time!! She is a ROCK STAR!! Thank you so much for being a bus driver and getting our kiddos to school safely!! I really appreciate it!!

-Tara Ross saved me!! I was unprepared for reading group and she let me borrow her supplies. (Plus she gave me the heads up on where to find my lesson plan) THANK FOR SAVING ME!

-Ashlee Nelson is awesome

-Miss Davis sent info in the Remind app about how she's been teaching the students to use the hand sanitizer stand and encouraging the kids to use hand sanitizer. She's is being a great example of masking and is actively engaged in protecting our children.

-Cheryl Thomson and Kristen Thompson- A former preschool student, Brynlee, came to get her picture taken at the school this morning. When she was done, she asked to go see her old preschool teacher. So we did! She got to see Ms Kristen and Ms Cheryl. They were so cute with her and excited to see Brynlee, and got big hugs! Thanks for taking time out of your morning to make Brynlee feel special! She misses you.

-Michelle Davis for all she does to make the DLI classes run smoothly.

-Ashlee Nelson does a million different things to help all the teachers as well as staff members at school.

-Mrs. Obrary- I love the rules she has in her classroom that help teach respect and hard work.

-Mrs. Southwick is a great teacher

-Miss Davis for listening to parent comments and helping implement them.

-Senora Gonzales for listening to parent comments and implementing relevant suggestions. Thank you

-Mrs. K’s communication is great. She is easy to get along with and is just awesome. My child really enjoys spending time with her even though he doesn’t always like the subject material. (What child likes to do things that are difficult for them) Thank you for being awesome and so fun with the students.

-Mrs. Ivie, thank you for putting up with the good and bad of each day. Keeping calm throughout the chaos of each day. You are a big part of what keeps that school running smoothing. I’m so thankful both of my children have attending Willard Elementary and feel blessed both our elementary schools in our district are so great! Thank you for all you do!

-Mrs. Michelle Warner makes the library a fun, wonderful place for kids to learn to love reading!

-Kari Burggraf is so positive and fun to work with! She has tried so hard to have a positive attitude with her new job!

-Mindy Owen works hard and does an excellent job at whatever it is she is doing. Nothing is done half way. She goes above and beyond. She is always willing to help.

-Sandy Warner- First year of teaching kindergarten! And killing it!!

-Mrs. Faerber- I loved watching you dance and sing in your class today!! You are a spectacular teacher!!

-Heidi Ivie- For caring so much and doing the dirty jobs no one knows about (because you handle things so well!) or thinks about.

-Rachael Barker- Thank you for the awesome faculty meeting and for all the thoughts and tips you shared. I really needed that message. I appreciate all the friendship and kindness you share with me. I appreciate you so much.

-Rosa Gonzales- thank you for all you’re doing for our students. I know this school year has been SUPER challenging and I appreciate all you’re doing for me and for the students. ❤️❤️❤️ They say anyone who teaches Kindergarten should go straight to Heaven and I think the same thought the same should apply to you in your challenging position. You make all the other DLI classes at 3 Mile Creek possible and you’re making a big difference in so many lives. Thank you for working with me and thank you for being my friend.

-First Grade Team- Thank you for being such great people to work with. I appreciate all the facets of your personalities and your perspectives and contributions. And thank you for being so kind to me. ❤️❤️❤️ Love ya all!

-Candice Monson- Thank you for helping our sweet student and for making me happy with your genuine and loving personality. You are such a sweet person.

-Karen Braithwaite- Thank you for helping our sweet student! He is such a sweet heart and I appreciate all you are doing to help him. We sincerely appreciate your help.

-Michelle Archer- Thank you for helping with our phonemic awareness needs. I appreciate your help so much and love talking to you. ❤️

-Haley Kilmer- You gave a such an awesome lesson on the TH sound. I was so impressed with your lesson and I loved how you modeled how to support the TH sound as you teach. I could watch you teach every day. I love all your ideas and I think you are an amazing teacher!!!! Wow!!!! ❤️

-AshLee Nelson- Thank you for the Tiki Bar on Fridays. Quite possibly the best idea yet.

-Tara Ross and Mikalyn Venable- Thank you for helping the students in the hallway, as they travel to and from reading groups. That is the most helpful change this year and I appreciate the way you help the students to walk and not run, reach their destinations, behave well, etc. It probably seems like such a little thing, but your efforts have made a BIG difference. Many thanks!!!

-Tash Morgan- Thank you for being so patient and kind as we share the Chromebooks. I appreciate how kind you are about everything.

-Bradi Holder- Thank you for managing all the DIBELS testing and for helping Rosa to administer the paper part in the Spanish class. I know that was quite a task and I appreciate all your efforts. Thank you for the kindness you always show to me every time I see you too. That’s my favorite thing about you.

-Keldi Francom- Thank you for helping students when they need extra support. You have a loving heart and I love how you jump in to help in so many ways, wherever help is needed. Thank you for being here. I think you’re amazing!

-Kari Burggraf- Thank you for suggesting the Happy Sad chart to us. It has helped me so much and I love how simple it is to use. I look forward to hearing more of your ideas in the future.

-Mrs Faerber called me personally one night to tell me my boy was doing great in class and she enjoyed having him have a student. I really appreciated her taking the extra time not only to notice but to call me at night

-Jen Macfarlane and Susan Maero- our lunch staff, has the Best Rice Crispy Treats at Lunch!

-Mrs. Faerber is so kind to her students and she does a great job of recognizing all of the good things that are happening inside her classroom! Thank you for everything you do!

-Haley Kilmer is always so positive! I love working with her. She is helpful and kind. Haley even stays positive when she is un-jamming the copy machine every time she uses it (even when she finds it that way.)

September 2021

Hi Parents! We are so happy to be starting a new school year! Each month I will email you a link to our newsletter for the month to keep you informed about what is going on at Willard School.

-Superintendent Carlsen sent out our district Covid response for the year a few weeks ago, but to review:

- Masks are welcome, but are not required this year.

-PLEASE keep your child home if they are sick!

-We will continue with our intense cleaning regimen to keep germs to a minimum.

-If a student comes in contact with someone who tests positive with Covid, we will send an email to everyone who is in the same class, whether or not they were in close contact with the student. If you get this email, the following options will be recommended: (1) Voluntarily quarantine for 10 days (student will have classwork to complete in Canvas); (2) Come to school, but wear a mask for 10 days; or (3) Either voluntarily quarantine or wear a mask for 7 days, then get a Covid test and return to school if student is negative. Again, these are recommendations, not requirements. If there is any question about a Covid concern, please feel free to call our office at 435-734-4934. We are happy to help!

-School breakfast is provided for FREE for ALL 1st grade, full day and morning kindergarten students each day. School lunch is also FREE for all 1st, grade, full day, and afternoon kindergarten students. Although meals are free this year, it does help our district with funding if you fill out paperwork for free and reduced lunch. We would appreciate you filling out this application at the following link:


August 30-September 3- 1st grade minimum days 8:45-12:45 (No preschool or Kindergarten)

September 7- First day of Kindergarten and Preschool

September 17- Fall Pictures

September 21- Acadience Reading and Math Testing

September 28- Vision Screening