QA and Test Automation Classes

Join our course and expand your horisons

Join the best QA course in the city, get certificate and launch your new career

Are you QA professional interested to get into Test Automation Or Just new to QA but interested in getting into Software QA field and gain knowledge along with practice on different projects?

You are welcome to join variety of our classes!

We are delighted to see you in our QA training classes where our highly experienced staff will help you become a QA Professional or Upgrade your knowledge with Automation skills and succeed in this highly demanded and extremely rewarding career.

Our unique program features:

- Small group or Private classes.

- Content and duration of Private are adjusted according students backgrounds and goals.

- For Small group classes proposed structured course including topics about Manual Testing and Test Automation.

- Our unique approach allowing gaining knowledge and practice with personal attention to every student progress.

- Certificate of Completion given to students successfully finished “QA and Test Automation” structured course.

- The classes are held during weekdays evenings or weekends.

Some of our topics:

The classed offered at North York location (Steeles/Bathurst area).

The next session starts second week of September 2013.


Small group structured course: 840$ for 35 hours course.

*taxes are extra where applicable.

For details and registration information email us