Learn about Ella Fitzgerald

also known as the First Lady of Song

Saturday night @ the cabana

you may know here as the first lady of song but her real name is Ella Fitzgerald food and drinks are on the house by Ella's son Ray brown jr you are welcome to bring friends and family you can learn her birth date ( April 25 1917 ) and the date of her death ( June 15 1996)

fun facts about Ella Fitzgerald

how she was dicovered

Following a troubled childhood, Ella Fitzgerald turned to singing and debuted at the Apollo Theater in 1934. Discovered in an amateur contest, she went on to became the top female jazz singer for decades

what happened when her mother died

After her mother's death in 1932, Fitzgerald ended up moving in with an aunt. She started skipping school. Fitzgerald was then sent to a special reform school but didn't stay there long. By 1934, Ella was trying to make it on her own and living on the streets. Still harboring dreams of becoming an entertainer, she entered an amateur contest at Harlem's Apollo Theater. She sang the Hoagy carmicheal tune "Judy" as well as "The Object of My Affection," wowing the audience. Fitzgerald went on to win the contest's $25 first place prize.