Kids... Don't Kid Yourselves!

Don't ruin your life by having a child- follow these steps!

Don't be like these girls...

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Follow these Guidelines:

1. Every weekend you must go see a doctor who will determine if you are sexually active.

2. If the doctor determines that you are sexually active, the doctor will send you to the hospital where you will have a vasectomy or a hysterectomy. For guys, the vasectomy will prevent the release of sperm when you ejaculate. For girls, the hysterectomy will remove your uterus.

Don't worry! It only hurts a little!

There are many political, economic, and international benefits...

1. Prevents overpopulation

2. Reduces the number of foster children

3. Reduces the rate of teenage pregnancy

4. Prevents unwanted marriage

5. Reduces the number of custody battles in court

Kids... Don't kid yourselves! Follow these guidelines!