Mustang Minutes

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Scarborough's Summary

What an AWESOME job Adrienne did on our school holiday card this year! I love how we spotlight students to share with other schools and county personnel. Please see our amazing card below. I know it's sure to bring smiles to all the faces that see it!
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Kudos Korner from the Admin Team

Kudos to all the grade levels who had planning this week. We appreciate your meaningful conversations and hard work. We hope you enjoyed this time together and had very productive days!

Media Center News

District Assessments begin again on Monday, and the media center will be one of the testing locations. Normally, the media center does library inventory the last week of school, before the break, but since students will have limited access to the media center on from the 7th to the 10th, the media center will close to student checkout on the testing days for inventory to minimize limiting student access. Please watch for updates. We will reopen for student passes during those day as soon as inventory is complete. Please plan ahead and make sure that students who need a new book, come to the media center this week.

Counselors' Corner

The Holiday Giving gifts are due by Wednesday December 14th.

Please wrap your gift and attach the red tag before turning it in to your grade level counselor.

Thank you

Custodian Closet

Thank you for your participation in the luncheon it was great fun and wonderful way to get into the holiday mood! If you still have items you want to donate a basket is in my office and another basket in Adrienne's. Thanks you so much for supporting the Happy Elves.

Starting Monday the car rider door will remain locked with only the slide up. So please remember to bring your keys. Once the slide lock is installed on the lower level we will be locking that door too in the morning!

Please do not adjust the heat/AC thermostats in common areas, you may be warm..... but the room next door may be freezing.

Technology Tips

Save the dates!

12/10 2:30- 4:00 Technology/ eCLASS drop in session in Lab A. Bring your laptop and your questions to the Staff Development Room.

12/17 eCLASS Training for New Teachers during planning. If you aren't new, but need a refresher you are welcome to attend.

1/5 Grades should be finalized by 4:00pm.

Coaches' corner

The Performance Level Indicators is a resource that will help you when creating assessments. Use them to build questions for your tests that progress through the standard to lead your students on the path to becoming a distinguished learner. Access the Performance Level Indicators using the following link: Performance Level Indicators.

"Life is a lot easier when the assessments we use, or are subjected to, are closely aligned with this curriculum and hold us accountable for important mathematics." - Steven Leinwand, Accessible Mathematics

Parent Connection

Thank you for your help collecting Parent Surveys!

If you have any more RBES Parent Surveys please send them to the Parent Center.

Calendar of Events

12/5 - ELT

12/7- K full day planning

12/7- County AP Meeting

12/8- SPED full day planning

12/9- ESOL full day planning

12/11- RES Spelling Bee

12/12- ELT

12/14- NTN

12/15- Principal cluster meeting

12/16- Rockbridge Learning Cohort Session #4

12/17- Faculty Holiday Party

12/18- Honor Chorus Choir 9-9:30-grades 3-5 and 9:40-10:10-grades K-2 In the cafeteria

RES Birthdays


12/1 Husna Rabbi

12/3 Hilarie Marty

12/5 Ontoya Fowler, Akila Young

12/8 Jessica Regnier

12/9 Liz Hodapp

12/11 Pat Brown, Christy Oliver

12/19 Stephanie Smith

12/20 Kerry Ritter

12/21 Deb McCullough

12/22 Abbie Pair

12/27 Susana Kellum, Sharon Fleetwood

12/28 Joan Finnell

12/31 Rachel Bettress


1/2 Aisha Rodriguez, Gwenda Nimmo-Smith

1/5 Katie Dos Santos

1/11 Jennifer Velez

1/12 Dina Rowe, Megan Davis

1/13 Lindsay Craig

1/15 Kym Benikhis

1/17 Sabrena Hawkins

1/19 Christine Hallick

1/21 Brittany Norris

1/22 Simone Simmons

1/29 Terilyn Smith