Saving Grace

A Book Report by Precious Jackson

Author Information

Darlene.Ryan like to read. Plus practice Wu style tai chi;and like to swim. Finally love to cook. And like Izzy and Lisa in Rules for Life, like to prowl around thrift stores.

Publication Date



Realistic Fiction


In the present day. The characters are driving in the car going to Montreal.

Protagonist- Evie

Evie is a mother to Brittany. She kidnapped her baby from a family that adopted her. Evie is dating Brittany's baby daddy. She is always arguing with her boyfriend.

Antagonist- Jason

Jason is Brittany's father and Evie's boyfriend. He is taking her money because he is broke.

Conflict- man vs. man

Evie and Jason are always arguing about where they are going to stay and how they are going to survive.


A teenage mother who kidnapped her daughter and tried to run away and have a better future in life.


The tone is disapproving. Darlene Ryan feels that Evie should have left her daughter with the family that was more equipped to take care of her.


Evie, a teenage mother, stole her baby from her adopted family


Evie trying to have a perfect life after she kidnaps her child