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In 2012, after five years ' Kingfisher mind ' film re - entry to the beauty of the next creative director ' tecinkuraja. ' Kingfisher mind ' take back the beauty of the film comedy of the same formula, ' tecinkuraja '... ? Patton desingu raja songs began a two place during the feud, the two come to an end with granddaughter and grandson of Hur ' tecinkuraja '. Kiliyur 's Sweetheart ( Vimal ), father, lotus Puliyur ( Bindu ) pottuttalla Dad, Grandpa 's Sweetheart return ( vinucakkaravartti ) cut alvaittu putting Bindu 's brother. Sweetheart expense to go shopping instead of the lotus, father and uncle ( ravimariya ) vows bear ( but let Sweetheart growing grows up alive.

Why... ? Appatana Bindu Vimal ' tava ' can tickers ). Sweetheart, lotus grown adults love each other ( in a duet song finish before the wedding ). Lotus 's house discovered this thing, bursting big problem. Lotus at the end of the village to meet his father on the border alone brings peace, Sweetheart.

Strengthening at the mouth of the dispute, the fury of the lotus thread tying Sweetheart neck. At the same time men 's Sweetheart pottuttalla Lotus 's father, without pity house ' intarvel ' are card. If you want to untie the knot of the mystery of what happened after that you have to go. Tirant thinking about the story of cinema, in order ' to the Fire ' estimate of the Formula tucitatti old tale desingu raja songs that takes place director. See klaimeks particularly in places with a Twist....

Appappa ! Vimal, Singampuli alal as desingu raja songs Suri eating in the desingu raja songs name of comedy. Second half, the comedian has reminded us of how little Suri. Vimal usual verse speaks of his style, putting the two fought. Bindu is very beautiful to see. where he desingu raja songs was given the chance.

' Katunkopakkaran ' ravimariyavai think we have, throughout the second half, ' I desingu raja songs am the comedian... I comedian ' was forced to come tickle.

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Desingu Raja-Full Movie Part 3

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' Kumki ' D holds the superhit album surprised that desingu raja songs the icaiyamaippalara. Imaan. The cinematography, editing, etc. Technical say it does not matter about the rain. The ' tecinkuraja '...

Occasional laugh, think in a lot of places ( ? ) Bases. There is no denying the fact that cinema. But that story, screenplay kavalaiyepatamal just comedy lovers of all shots ( They have thought about it ) that he can not take a picture with thinking too much, too ! Yes desingu raja songs... Why the film ' tecinkuraja ' desingu raja songs D vaccanka name ?

Time and again, in the context of rural Tamil cinema films that have been found to be desingu raja songs desingu raja songs due to a family feud. Vimal and beauty Bindu Madhavi plays the role of the director that there is something special about the Desingu king.

This lineage is estimated to have declined avengeful generations gesture, add a magnificent touch is the same story, but the director of the film to a certain extent in favor of a unique combination of humor and sprinkles. We are involved in a war resulting in the death of a family plot in the zone where there is a village in Tamil Nadu. Apparently, Idhayakanni ( Vimal ), a beautiful girl from the other village Lotus ( Bindu ) falls in love with. This caused a conflict families, but decided to put an end to all Idhayakanni magic of love and peace. He win situation, forms the crux of this story will be reduced or no conflict years.

Firstly, the director of last year's release of her beauty ' federated Peace comes through very clearly is that Comedy Zone entered. But, he Parotta Suri, Ravi Maria, and that includes the lion tiger trying to test the same team here. Yes, the film comedy line travel and in some cases it may be useful to visitors. In particular, the lion, tiger, Parotta Suri, Ravi Maria humorous scenes involving entertainment.

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