Solar is a renewable source

By: Karsyn Smith

What is solar power?

Power obtained by harnessing the energy of the sun rays.

Where is solar power found on the Earth?

Solar power is only available while the sun is shining so therefore solar power is found anywhere the sun shines.

How does solar work to produce energy for individuals and whole groups or communities?

Solar power cells convert sunlight into electricity, using the energy of speeding photons to create an electrical current within a solar panel.

Who uses solar power/energy?

Individuals,familys,countrys,groups and states use solar power.Some of the ways they use solar is to heat there homes,water, and there swimming pools. Also solar power is used to cook,battery charging,indoor lighting, and outdoor lighting. The examples of places that use solar power is Germany, Spain, Japan, Italy, Belguim, China, France and India. The Czech Republic is example of a group that uses solar power.

Is solar expensive?

Solar power is today still too expensive for most homeowners. However, our growing need for fast, reliable and clean energy sources has inspired governments around the world to step in and offer incentives to cover a portion of those costs and to spur innovation that will bring those costs down.
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