Racial Disrimination

By: Alisha, Ali, Avery, Brianna, Becca

What is Racial Discrimination?

To treat a person or a group differently because of their race or African American.

What races get discriminated agaisnt in America?

In America colored people get discriminated the most often. Only because they were really the first diffrent race in America but they were slaves so some people have a hard time accepting that we are the same.It has gotten much better.

Why do people discriminate?

Discrimination is a lot like bullying. They mostly do it because they are not the same and they want to make themselves feel better . Let the other person know who is boss.

What races get discriminated the most?

To be honest its may be your opinion not going to be fair or unfair but in the U.S.A its Indians and african americans or in other words black people . The most they get discriminated is in a small store or in a big crowd or group . Its sad really how society treats people.

What are the major races?

Chinese, African, Kenyan, Nigerian, Indian, Russian,Scottish, England, Mexican, American, Irish, Canadian, ect.

Racial Discrimination