Students real life in Middle School

Carmen Cortinas

My shoes

Have you ever spent a day in someone elses shoes ? Well heres your chance to walk in mine. Now you'll see what middle school students really face every day.

Drama,Rumors,and Fights

School,one of the most important parts of life,can be hard.One of the most common type's of drama is girl vs. girl. As I stroll down the hall all I hear is, " gossip,gossip,gossip." There is never a break for it.Also, there's rumors. Rumors are always going around.They never stop and they are never good.and those rumors are the ones that lead to fights. When there is a fight evrybody goes and when I say everybody I mean EVERYBODY. and that leads to the next thing.


Relationships,rumors ruin them,they never last.When you are in middle school one of the biggest things is being in a relationship.When your in a relationship you are considered "cool".Like for example if your really good friends with a guy you like and you tell him you like him it ruins you'r friendship and yall never talk again.Then theres also how you act around your crush.sometimes if you really act silly around you'r crush they figure it out on their own but, sometimes they don't.Now I want to tell you about the next thing.


When you bring food to school do you share with you'r friends? ofcourse you do! And that's a problem for you'r teachers.When you eat in class it is a very big distraction because, people are always wanting some.The usual food people bring to middle school is : Takis,candy,and other spicy or sweet stuff.Then there's also that issue with the cafeteria food. Sometimes students dont like the food they serve in the cafeteria.So,they dont eat!Or another big problem is they go somewhere else to get food.Oras we say they skip.

An well thats pretty much it.Thats what students life in middle school is.Its just plain frustraiting.