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In order to receive notifications regarding weather cancellations and/or delays or changes to district activities, please subscribe to the GovDelivery service. Signing up is easy at: Screenshots are pictured below of the subscription process.

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Happy American Education Week! Our public schools are here for each and every student. Everyone is welcome and all deserve the support, tools, and time they need to learn.
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FDA Alert: EpiPens

MedWatch - The FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program

A new MedWatch Safety Alert: FDA alerts patients and health care professionals that some EpiPen auto-injectors may not readily slide out of carrier tube intended for: Allergy and Immunology, Pharmacy, Patient, Health Professional was just added to the FDA Drug Safety and Availability Webpage.

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October PBIS Celebration

As part of our PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) program students from West Elementary celebrated their good behavior by participating in a special event this week. Students were involved in a variety of fun activities. Students created Fall craft projects to share with Homestead and Care Initiatives residents, frosted cookies for a tasty snack, colored cards for veterans, participated in a turkey trot, danced at a dance party, and played relay games in the gym. Thank you to our Reading Room teachers for organizing this event and to our parent volunteers.

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2nd Graders and FFA PALS

2nd graders, pictured below, learn about pumpkins with their FFA high school PALS.
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Winter Music Programs

We are getting closer to the winter programs for this year. The students have been working very hard to prepare. Please save the following dates and come see what they have been preparing for you. Programs will take place in the Knoxville Performing Arts Center. Due to props being used this year, I am recommending that Kinder Prep/Kindergarten students wear something with pockets or loose fitting long sleeves. I am also recommending that First and Second grade students wear something with pockets.

  • Kinder Prep/Kindergarten- Nov 26 @ 7:00 (Students should arrive after 6:30)
  • First Grade- Dec 3 @ 7:00 (Students should arrive after 6:30)
  • Second Grade- Dec 11 @ 7:00 (Students should arrive after 6:30)

Please be watching for more information, as we get closer to the dates.


Sarah Rodilosso, West Music Teacher

3rd Grade Science

Third grade students just completed science projects over life cycles. Students worked in groups to create a diorama of their organism's life cycle. Third graders had to research their organism, create 3D representations of each stage, and then present their final project.
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8th Grade Social Studies

In 8th grade social studies students are finishing up their first major project of the school year. Students are being asked to demonstrate their understanding of how a certain person or event significantly impacted our nation then and how it still impacts our nation today. The topics range from the time of early explorers to the end of the Revolutionary War. One 8th grader analyzed letters written by Abigail Adams to her husband John. In particular, the letter known for her request to her husband to “ Remember the Ladies” when participating in the events that lead to the finalizing of the Declaration of Independence. This student also demonstrated that many women of the time often did not think of female equality like society does today and how this letter demonstrates how the minds of many were starting to change. For more information:
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MAP testing has come to an end at the middle school and I want to take some time to thank all the people that helped to accomplish this task. MAP stands for Measure of Academic Progress, and the students take this test twice a year to measure their growth on skills being taught. It is a computer-based assessment, but we require a lot of assistance to get all the students tested. Some students need special accommodations when testing. Some of these accommodations require someone to be with them either to prompt them or to read to them when applicable. This is not an easy task. We had a number of volunteers help use this year, and we could not have completed the testing without them. We at the middle school want to thank each and every volunteer in the community who took time out of their schedules to come to help us. I don’t think words can express how truly grateful we are for your help.


  • Linda Juline

  • Jodilynn Miller

  • Holly Burkhart

  • Judy Carter

  • Victoria Crawmer

  • Cathy Dent

  • Kathy Croghan

  • Jan Pearson

  • Lara DeMaderios

  • Alice Kincaid

  • Karri Orr

  • Troy Errthum

  • Amanda Ohannessian

  • Joni Versteeg

  • Kelly Kraber

  • Holly VanWyk

KHS Boys Basketball Apparel

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KHS Girls Basketball Apparel

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1. If you are wanting to audition for a speaking/singing role you must prepare the monologue and song. If you need help, please reach out to me ASAP! :)


2. If you are wanting to audition for the ensemble with NO FEATURED SINGING/SPEAKING please prepare either

  • A SONG FROM A MUSICAL like the breakdown says OR
  • The first 60 seconds of The Intro Song Titled Little Shop of Horrors

I'd really love that letter of recommendation this year! Just helps me get to know you all! :)

The school asked if we could move the time up for auditions to accommodate both us and the National Honor Auditions will now take place from 4:30 to 7:30pm at KPAC (if you need an earlier time slot than 4:30, please email me ASAP...I will be able to accommodate you!)

SATURDAY NOV 10th will be a chance for ANYONE to come practice their audition for feedback! 10am-noon at KPAC! We will run it first come first serve! It's VERY CASUAL so please don't be nervous to come! :) If you are still not prepared, THAT'S OK! Come get help from me! That's WHY I'M HERE!!!!! :) PLEASE COME TALK TO ME IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN CREW/BACKSTAGE WORK TOO! :)

AUDITION Sign Up Sheet will be on Mrs. Duffy's door Monday November 12th thru Nov 16th! I will be pulling it down after school on the 16th so I can make my final plans! :)

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to email or text 515-554-1243

Let's DO THIS! :)

Heidi Feldman

KHS Drama Director


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Community Partner Contributions

Several KCSD students and a staff member were stars of the show last weekend in K-ACT’s Nice Work If You Can Get IT, a “Jukebox Musical” set in the 1920s. Kaylyn Kaster starred as Billie Bendix, a bootlegger. Riley Newendorp, Johanna Leonard, Zoey Kirkpatrick, and Taylor Newendorp danced, sang, and entertained as flapper girls. Tanner Errthum, Mason Hatch, Jared Landsperger posed as prohibitionist agents. A guest dance appearance as bubble girls was made by preschoolers, Lucie Hatch, Lillian Dunkin, Sophia Scott, Noelle Carlson, and Lyla Swayne. Daniel Ramaeker and Carter Piagentini handled the sound board. Thank you to Knoxville Area Community Theater for providing this awesome learning opportunity for our students!

Marion County Food Coalition Calendar November 2018

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