October 2-6th

This Week

We will be having our Pumpkin Lab in Fr. Pezold Room on Monday, October 16th from 10:00-11:00. The students will be going to different stations for measuring, weighing, and predicting. If you would like to volunteer to help out at one of the stations, please let me know.

I sent home the XTRAMATH flyer in the couriers this weekend so your child can open their own account. This does not cost money and there is a PIN for your child. Please begin this ASAP. I will start assigning this for homework in the next couple weeks for about ten minutes on certain days. Let me know if you have trouble accessing their account.

Week Subject Plans

Reading and Phonics:We will read The Big Orange Splot from our Jr. Great Books Series. This story will lead to great discussions about being yourself, even if it's different than others.

High Frequency Words Test 2: Wed 10/11 over: he, your, big, color, are, red, black, you what, ask, man, back, let, who, do , his , am, from, get, to, into, can, tell, friend, best, has.

The Spelling pre-test will be given on Thursday and the Assessment will be on Wednesday the following week. Spelling words are: as, and, land, last, so, is, its, did, sit, stop. Sentences are: I stop a lot. I did it last.

Writing and Social Studies: We will finish the Map Unit by working in groups to create a town. Students will write about places they like to go and things they like to do in their own town. Please bring in cereal boxes or smaller boxes that are empty for this if you have not already.

Religion:We will finish Chapter 3, Our Catholic Life and take a unit test on Thursday. October 13th is the 100th anniversary of the Apparitions of Mary in Fatima, Portugal.

Math: Students will learn different strategies on how to subtract and see the correlation between addition and subtraction in Chapter 4. We will also begin daily time practice to build mastery of basic addition facts. The Xtramath login information was sent in couriers for you to set up. This is an excellent way for students to practice math facts and will be part of homework beginning the 2nd Qtr.

Upcoming Dates and Reminders

10/10 2:00 Living Rosary

10/13 End of 1st Qtr

10/16 10-11 Pumpkin lab

10/18 First Grade 7pm Holy Hour

10/20 Noon Dismissal