Atherton Elementary Color a Thon

June 6, 2015

Who Can attend the event?

Everyone is welcome to the Color-a-Thon. The minimum amount to enter is $1.00.

Where is the Event being held?

The Color-a-Thon will be at the Atherton Schools Track. The track is right behind Atherton Elementary.

What Time is the Event?

Registration starts at 9:30 am

Kickoff starts at 10:00 am

What Should you wear for the Event?

  • If your child earned any gear, it will be delivered to them before the run takes place.
  • If your child did not raise enough money to earn a t-shirt, please make sure they have a white t-shirt or another t-shirt they would not mind getting color on.

What's Happening during the Color-a-Thon?

  • The students will walk or run around the track. They will be supervised at ALL TIMES!
  • Your child will get color blasted several times at color stations set up along the track.
  • The run will last about 30 minutes. He or she can walk or run during the event.

What's happening after the run?

  • When the Color-a-Thon is finished, all participants will go to the center of the track. Once there, color packs will be handed out to any student that earned them.
  • We will have a dance party and get color blasted again.
  • Following the dance party, refreshments will be served.
  • After the dance party, we will go through a wind tunnel (leaf blowers) to get the extra color powder blown off.