Twilight CPD

6th November 2012

Please choose one option for Tuesday 6th November 2012

Please put your name up on the register sheets in the staffroom. Please sign up by Monday morning.

Option 1 High Flyers Speed Date

The aim of this session is to provide staff with the opportunity to share teaching strategies that stretch and challenge upper-ability students. Prior to the session, please think about a particular strategy that you have used in the past and has worked well. It could be a game, a student-led activity, an AfL technique or something completely different. Please try and avoid something which could only be used in your subject area.

AT the beginning of the session staff will be placed in pairs and you will have 2 minutes to explain your strategy to a colleague and for them to ask you any related questions. Your partner will then do the same for their strategy. After you have both shared your thoughts, you will move to another colleague and repeat the process. The intended outcome is that you will leave the session with a number of new strategies that you could use in your lessons to stretch and challenge the high-fliers!

Option 2 - IRIS – An introduction

The aim of the session is to introduce you to the basics of IRIS (as described on the staffroom T&L boards). You will be able to control the camera, see previously filmed lessons and see how the feedback system works. Please bring your laptop to the session.

Option 3 - iPADs in the classroom

This session will introduce you to the possibilities of using the iPADs and iPODs in your classroom and in the Learning Centre. A hands on session where you can explore how they work and take time to see what apps are out there to support the learning in your lessons. One app that will be explored is SOCRATIVE. This is an excellent AFL tool that can be used on ipads, laptops and android platforms.

Maximum number 30

Option 4 - Working with upper ability students

A session on teaching strategies which encourage upper ability students to be stretched, engaged and challenged. There will be a particular focus on 'Philosophy for Children' and meta-learning.