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Charting Our Learning about Analyzing Argumentative Texts

Mrs. Drayton's AM Class's Learning Celebration was a great touchstone for us to revisit as we learn more about analyzing argumentative and persuasive texts. They did a fantastic job teaching 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders how to being critical viewers, listeners, and readers!

We continue to use the three questions:

1) What is the claim being made?

2) What reasons are given to support the claim?

3) What evidence is given to support the reasons?

We also have established language and vocabulary of arguments:

-claim: a strong opinion

-argument: a claim supported by reasons and evidence

-unsubstantiated: a claim that does not have good reasons

-overview: a text that gives a summary of both sides of an argument

-one-sided: a text that gives one side of an argument

Your child has selected a research topic to investigate! This has created lots of excitement in our room during reading workshop. We now have the understanding that texts come in a variety of formats, including, videos, propaganda posters, articles, and letters. We have been learning that there is a process to research including gathering resources, making a plan, raising new questions, and considering both sides of the argument. Next week, your child will participate in a flash-debate with his or her research team to clarify their thinking and determine what information is still needed.

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U.S. History with Mrs. Ybarra

We have moved out of the 1920s and are now heading to The Great

Depression. Overall, there was a lot of improvement between the 1920s test

compared to the WWI test and I was very excited to celebrate this with the

students. We will be doing a simulation in class to introduce The Great

Depression that will help us understand causes of The Great Depression. We will

be looking at several books that discuss the hardships faced during this time. We

will think about how the characters faced these hardships and how they

overcame them.

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Goal Setting

This week we began goal setting in the classroom. To keep our classroom

community strong, the students have been creating individual goals as well as

whole class goals. Students filled out a survey, that helped us look at the patterns

in our responses. We celebrated the things that we think we do well as a

classroom. Then we created a classroom goal based on the data we collected.

Every day the students come in and begin working on their personal goal. At the

end of the day, we reflect on our personal goal by thinking about if we met our

goal, not yet, and haven’t met my goal. We also reflect on the classroom goal and

think about how we are contributing to that goal. I am very excited to discuss our

goals as a whole class and celebrate our growth.

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