Name of Topic

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Basic Information

The requirements for this project are as follows:

  • four pictures minimum with captions and citations
  • three sources minimum
  • one book minimum
  • web sources
  • print sources
  • required information will be listed below in the headings

For your pictures, you can insert pictures in specific places on the flyer, or you can do a photo gallery at the end. Photos must have a caption that tells what they are. Photos also MUST be properly cited, or you will be guilty of plagiarism.

Plagiarism will result in a zero for this project. Your work will be checked to make sure you have not simply copied and pasted information!!

Biographical Information

In this space, include the following information:

  • when and where born
  • parents
  • siblings
  • significant childhood events
  • interesting facts that occurred during childhood


  • Military
  • Job (or lack of one)
  • Schools (highest level of education, where they went to school, etc.)

NOTE: "Murderer" is NOT a legitimate job!!!!

Significant Event

This is where you would put other things that were going on at the time. Make sure you indicate the dates!!

Details of the Crime

Be specific in your details. This may be a good place to have pictures...


Give details about victims. Some killers choose their victims for a specific characteristic they have, such as the way they wear their hair. If your person has a large number of victims, you can list them. This is another good place for pictures...


What evidence was there to point investigators to this person? Did the person confess? Was there particular forensic evidence? Serial killers often have a "signature" where they do a specific thing to each victim. For example, the Boston Strangler choked his victims to death and then tied pantyhose into a large bow around each victim's neck. Did your person do anything like this? If so, include it here. Again, this is another prime spot for pictures...

Outcome of the Case

  • Was there a trial? If so, what was the outcome and the sentence?
  • Did the person commit suicide before his/her arrest?
  • Was the person killed by the police?


  • Is this person still alive? Where is he/she?
  • Is this person dead? When and how did he/she die?
  • Was this person executed? If so, when and how?

Photo Gallery

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Include a complete bibliography of your sources in the proper format.