Jaguar Jargon

6th Edition, 2016-2017


No doubt, we are in the business of relationships. Part of our move to use the Daily 5 and Guided Reading was to afford more opportunities for teachers to know their students as individuals and develop stronger relationships, which in turn helps us to better guide students in their learning. I love that this article gives us a glimpse into the parent's perspective on that relationship as well. Sometimes the link between the classroom and home can feel very distant, yet we are all a part of that child's life five out of seven days a week. What feelings do we want our families to have when they see our name?

"It's amazing how so many hopes and dreams become immediately attached to a name. As a teacher, I must remember what this feels like so that I can respect what my own families go through when they too see my name on their student's schedules."

Hopes and dreams are attached to your name. That's a powerful thing - in a good way! Let's work to make some hopes and dreams come true.


Kudos & FYI

  • Sincere sympathy to Krista Waller on the passing of her stepfather.
  • Congrats to Carol Jones on becoming a grandma again in March!
  • "Kudos to Michelle Livingston on filling in for an aide and to Andrea Ferguson for the patriotic music!" - BH
  • "To all the staff at BPC Elementary: Thank you for the support, shoulders, and comments of 'my door is always open for you' when I was so emotional with my son's leaving for the military. Makes me proud and happy that I work at BPC Elementary." - MK

Coming Up

Motivational Monday, 9/26

  • Malmgren HR sings during announcements

Teamwork Tuesday, 9/27

  • West Central IL Twitter Chat, 8 p.m.; #wciledchat; Topic - Communication with stakeholders

Wellness Wednesday, 9/28

  • Collaboration: PreK/K, 1/2, 3/4, 5/Specials
  • PBIS Cart

Thinking Thursday, 9/29

  • Nominate students for Paw-some recognition in the workroom
  • Join me for Learning Outside (as in, outside school hours); we will watch Guided Reading lesson videos and discuss.

High Five Friday, 9/30

  • 5th Grade Field trip to Argyle Lake State Park


  • Data Day has been moved from Friday, Oct. 7 to Thursday, Oct. 6th.

Remind 101

  • Please pay your $10 to the office on behalf of the Social Committee. This money will be used for plants/gifts/etc. that represent us as a staff for personal events such as births, marriages, deaths, etc.
  • Please add your comments to the Problem Solving Google Doc.
  • Add your apps to the "wish list" in the email from Lisa Webb for the iPads.
  • Nominate students for Paw-some recognition in workroom; nominate a CLASS for good behavior using the stars below their pennants in the hallway.

Parting Shot

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