the importance of coding

Benefits of Learning Code

For our students learning how to code is just as important as learning to read, write and do math. Here is a short article on a few of the benefits of learning code.

Job Market

Jobs for coding are more in demand than any other job. So much of what we do needs coding: netflix, websites, computers, iPads, cars, apps, video games, airplane navigation, are just a few examples.

"Learning code is not about numbers and math. It's more like architecture, where you are presented with a puzzle problem such as "How do we get all these cars from this highway to that one without having to build a bridge across this river or putting an overpass next to the hospital?"

Learning to code means being able to imagine a new way of using the camera in your iPhone, or a new way for people to connect to each other, and then being able to bring that vision to reality."

This video explains why we should be teaching coding to kids:

"Code Stars" - Short Film

Some great sites for kids:

Great apps for kids (most are free):

4 questions to answer: